10 Department Store Credit Cards Worth Owning


Credit cards are something most everyone has and most everyone needs. There are those who don’t believe they need a credit card, but the fact of the matter is that they make your life just a bit easier. You don’t have to run up your debt just because you have a credit card in your pocket. In fact, you can stay out of debt easily by using your card responsibly and paying it off in full each month when the due date nears. It’s not difficult to work well with financial freedom, and having a major credit card is not going to cause a financial breakdown if you just use it the right way. And store cards aren’t as bad as people like to think, either. Some of them are actually really great cards to have, and many can be used in places other than just the store listed on the card. If you’re considering a department store credit card to add to your wallet, you might want to consider one of these cards. They each have the highest customer satisfaction rating, great rewards programs and great customer service so that you always get to use your card with the utmost in confidence.

Bloomingdales Credit Card

With a 24% APR, this card has a slightly high interest rate in comparison to a major credit card, but it’s not all that much higher than the interest rate associated with any other major department store credit card. However, Bloomies cardholders will receive some special benefits and savings throughout the year using their card, which is why so many people choose to apply for this particular card. When you use it to shop, you earn big savings to use on future purchases.

Dillards Credit Card

With a standard interest rate of 22.99%, it’s a bit lower than most store credit cards. This card does not offer a reward system, but it does offer special financing on several different purchases in Dillards stores. Additionally, those who hold this card are eligible to receive special offers throughout the year, early notice about upcoming sales and early access to sales prices when you shop with your card.

Macys Credit Card

With the Macys card you will earn something called star passes, which allow you to earn big savings on the things you want most. Because Macys is a comprehensive department store, you will be able to save on everything from home goods to clothing to accessories to things for the entire family, including the newest and smallest additions to your family. These savings passes are earned each time you spend money at Macys, which makes it easy to get great savings throughout the year.

JC Penney Credit Card

If you apply for this store card, you will not pay interest on any purchases in the home appliance department for 12 months. You can save money paying this way and not have to worry about interest popping up on your account unless you fail to pay off the balance by the end of your special financing offer. Another reason people love this card so is the fact that they get special discounts and savings letters in the mail throughout the year when they use it.

Kohls Credit Card

Kohls card holders get great discounts for using their store credit card. What makes this even more exciting for cardholders is the fact that these discounts are eligible to be used with your store discounts and coupons, so that means cardholders end up with additional savings that other people are not privy. This is one way to make sure that you save as much as possible, and you can earn Kohls cash using your card, too. That’s big savings year-round.

Amazon Credit Card

Amazon has one of the best special financing offers available for shoppers. With terms starting at 6 months and going all the way up to 24 months, it’s impossible not to want to use this card to shop so that you can save bit money on the items you want and need the most. We recommend this card for anyone looking to make purchases that include electronics, furniture and home décor since Amazon specializes in all of that.

Best Buy Credit Card

The Best Buy credit card is great for people who spend a lot on electronics what we love about this card is the fact that it’s one you can use in the store to purchase the things you need most in life. From cell phones to computers to tablets to televisions, there is no form of technology here you cannot purchase. And you get money back with each dollar spent so that you will earn more savings each time you shop.

Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card

With a lower than usual interest rate in comparison to other store cards, you also get free shipping anytime you buy anything from a Saks store online. And this does not apply only to Saks Fifth Avenue, but also its sister stores, including Saks Off Fifth. You can also use this store card in any Saks and Off Fifth store location to save money and find discounts that aren’t available to those who are not cardholders.

Nordstrom Credit Card

The Nordstrom visa is one of the best cards to carry. You can use it anywhere, though you’re going to end up with the most rewards when you use it at Nordstrom and/or Nordstrom Rack. These shops are going to earn you more points per dollar spent, which means you will earn money back to use in the stores even faster. Additionally, the card comes with some levels for their customers that make it easier for you to receive even more in terms of rewards. If you spend a certain amount each year on your card, you will qualify for free tailoring on everything you purchase in Nordstrom. And that is just one example of the great rewards associated with this card.

Lowes Credit Card

No home improvement project is complete without a trip to Lowes, which is just one of the reasons this store card is such a great addition to your wallet. Home improvement is expensive, and that means you have to do your due diligence to save enough money to keep remodeling. With special financing offers, you can save big on the items you need around the house, and you get to earn discounts throughout the year.

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