How the Wyndham Rewards Visa Can Save You Big Money on Hotel Stays

Wyndham Rewards Visa is a high-dollar card

New life has been breathed into the Wyndham Rewards program, and it’s changing the hotel game. In the past, the Wyndham Rewards program as well as the Wyndham Rewards Visa were both subpar in terms of what the hotel chain had to offer, but that’s changed. The brand now realizes that in order to remain competitive, it’s become imperative for the hotel chain to offer more upscale rewards, better service and more quality. Without it, no one cares. It’s easier for travelers to find a new hotel in which to stay when they’re looking for an easy way to earn points and miles and rewards, and Wyndham just wasn’t cutting it; until now.

The new Wyndham Rewards program is pretty impressive. From its ability to offer hotel guests more rewards as well as more perks with the Wyndham Rewards credit card, there are more people than ever taking advantage of what is offered and what is being utilized as far as this product is concerned. Barclaycard has taken into consideration that the Wyndham Rewards card and program needed a boost, and it’s been given. Now it’s one of the best credit cards available for saving big on hotel stays, and we have all the information you need to ensure that your next hotel stay is a financially profitable one.

First, we’ll start with the two new cards that the Wyndham Rewards program has to offer.

Wyndham Rewards Visa – Fee Based

  1. Earn 30,000 bonus points when you make your first purchase in 90 days
  2. Earn 15,000 bonus points when you spend $1,000 in 90 days
  3. Earn 15,000 bonus points every year on the anniversary of your cardholder membership
  4. Earn 5 points for every dollar you spend at a Wyndham hotel stay
  5. Earn 2 points everywhere else you spend money – higher than most credit cards
  6. Annual fee is $69 – lower than other hotel credit cards

Wyndham Rewards Visa – No Annual Fee

  1. Earn 15,000 bonus points when you make your first purchase
  2. Earn 15,000 bonus points when you spend $1,000 in 90 days
  3. Earn 3 points for every dollar you spend at Wyndham hotels
  4. Earn 2 points for all other purchases you make
  5. No annual fee

*Bonus point offers are on a limited timeframe

Here’s the deal; this offer is only good for a limited time, but it works for several reasons. For one, you’re earning additional bonus points in little time when you open the Wyndham Rewards Visa card on any level. Additionally, the standard bonus points offer for those who make it to their anniversary each year is typically a third of the points being offered as a part of this promotion, and that makes this Wyndham Rewards Visa card worth it.

The Wyndham Rewards Program

Before we talk more in-depth about why you want to apply for one of the Wyndham Rewards credit cards, we thought we might tell you about the Wyndham Rewards program offered by the hotel chain. You see, this is something that anyone can join, and it’s a great way to earn more points and more free nights. It’s all part of the bigger package, so we are going to talk about it here.

To sign up for a free Wyndham Rewards program account, just visit the hotel or the hotel website and provide your contact and personal information. It’s free of charge and costs you nothing. There are so many perks associated with this membership, we are going to share just a few.

  1. Earn 10 points for every dollar spent when you stay at a Wyndham hotel
  2. Earn 1,000 points per stay or 10 points for every dollar spent – whichever is more – at every stay
  3. Earn a free night every time you stay 20 nights
  4. Earn points with partner travel companies
  5. Stay at any hotel with only 15,000 reward points
  6. Buy gift cards with only 2,200 reward points
  7. Stay at any Club Wyndham property for only 3,000 points per night with cash for a discounted rate
  8. Buy points
  9. Donate points
  10. Redeem points for airlines and merchandise

Why Apply for a Wyndham Rewards Visa

One of the biggest reasons that the Wyndham Rewards Visa card is now considered a top hotel credit card is the fact that the CEO of the company has already confirmed that the Wyndham Rewards card will continue to unveil new awards and new bonuses throughout the year. That means that the perks you see here listed in this post are just the start. There will be more, and they will be very good. When combined, you can earn up to 15 points per dollar spent at the hotel when you add your Wyndham Rewards program points to your Wyndham Rewards Visa card points. That’s a lot of points for every dollar spent. If you stay just one time and spend $1000 using both, you’ll end up with a free night right there.

Another great reason is that the spending rate for a free night is pretty inexpensive. We’re going to do some math, so sit back and try to follow (we hate math).

Let’s say that you use your Wyndham Rewards card only to pay your everyday purchases and not to stay at the hotel. You’re earning 2 points for every dollar spent, and you need 15,000 points to earn a free night at a Wyndham hotel. You’ll only have to spend $7,500 to earn a free night. If you use it only at Wyndham properties, you’re earning 5 points for every dollar and will need to spend only $3000 before you earn a free night. If you join the Wyndham rewards program, too, you’ll earn a minimum of 1,000 points for every night that you stay since the program offers that or 10 points for every dollars spent, whichever is more.

I know what you are saying. You are thinking that it is far less expensive to just pay for a night, and you are right; you are also wrong. We want you to earn a free night with the Wyndham rewards card. That means we want you to use this card the smart way. We want you to pay for your monthly living expenses with this card. We want you to take the cash that you would normally spend on your mortgage and your gas and your groceries and save it so that you can pay off the balance of your Wyndham Rewards Visa at the end of the month. If your monthly expenses total $4000, you will earn a grand total of 96,000 Wyndham rewards points every year assuming that they all come at a rate of 2 points for every dollar. That’s a total of 6 nights. That’s almost a full week’s vacation just because you spent money on the things that you need no matter what. Now let’s assume that you spend $4000 per month on those things and another $500 per month at a Wyndham property.

Since the Wyndham Rewards program offers 10 points for every dollar spent and $500 multiplied by 10 points is more than the 1,000 points otherwise offered, you’d earn an additional 5,000 points every month. That’s going to bring your yearly points total to 156,000 points. That’s just over 10 free nights at Wyndham hotels. How can you beat that?

How does the Wyndham Rewards Visa Compare?

Compared to other hotel credit cards in the same market, this is the card to get nowadays. Even cards from hotel brands such as Hyatt and Starwood do not offer rewards points this amazing, or redemptions this low. The one thing that we want to make sure you understand is that Wyndham, while a nice hotel brand, does not offer the same kind of very high-end hotels that some other credit card brands offer.

We’d recommend the Wyndham Rewards visa to anyone that travels often for business and needs a business friendly hotel in which to stay. We also recommend it for anyone that travels often and requires an airport hotel that’s convenient, clean and offers more than others. These are the people that will find the Wyndham Rewards visa most valuable. However, anyone who likes to travel on a budget that’s slightly higher than those who really travel on a budget will also enjoy this particular type of hotel. There are some very nice properties located across the world, which means this card is exceptionally worth it for anyone who likes to stay somewhere convenient, nice and worth its weight in gold as far as Wyndham Rewards points are concerned.

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