Can You Earn Hotel Rewards if Your Employer Pays for the Room?

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Earning hotel rewards as part of a loyal member is easy. You book your room, you add your rewards or loyalty number when you do so and you earn points for every dollar you spend at the hotel. However, what happens when you are not the one paying for the room? It happens, quite often, that an employer might just go ahead and book a room for you, pay for your needs with a company credit card and leave you wondering whether or not you can earn any hotel points on your free stay. When my husband travels for work, he uses his company card to book his hotel rooms and flights. However, since I always go with him, I always encourage him to add our rewards numbers to the reservations. His employer doesn’t have any rewards or loyalty programs with the hotels in which he stays – and he often has the overall choice as to where he stays – so the points are ours.

If you find yourself in the same boat, know that it’s very easy to simply add your rewards membership number at check-in to earn any points. The only issue might stem from your employer having a prearranged relationship or folio with a hotel in which you will be unable to earn points as the company is already earning them on your behalf. Fortunately, however, hotels generally have no issue handing over points for every dollar spent no matter who ended up paying for the room.

Now, if your employer has a ‘master bill’ relationship with the hotel, you will not get points for your stay. If you are the person in charge of your own check-in and check-out, however, you will have no issue adding your rewards number. Another consideration is that you might not have the leverage to choose your hotel, so you should consider enrolling in any other hotel loyalty reward programs while you stay. Even if it isn’t your choice hotel brand, it still never hurts to earn free points or miles, as well as the other perks that go along with being a loyal member.

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