Chase Freedom Cash Back Credit Card Overview


Cash back credit cards mean just that; cash back for you to spend on anything you want. Whether it’s saving up for the holidays and cashing in your cash back in time to pay for those Christmas gifts or it’s saving it up to book a fabulous vacation, we love a cash back credit card. While some are more beneficial than others, there are always those cards that people prefer even when others don’t. It’s the beauty of life; we all get to think what we want, feel what we want and enjoy what we want with any issue. The Chase Freedom card is one that many people prefer, and it’s one that offers a number of benefits to cardholders all over the world.

We’re taking the card, breaking it down and showing you what you might enjoy about this card, what you might not enjoy about this card and what you might find beneficial about this card. It’s our way of helping you save a little money and earn a little at the same time. The Chase Freedom card offers a number of perks and benefits, and there are even a few drawbacks. However, it all depends on what you think about the card and how you feel about what it has to offer.

What We Love

What we love most about the Chase Freedom card is all it has to offer us in terms of spending money and earning cash back. It is a great everyday card, which is beneficial to most all credit cardholders. The good news is that you’re going to earn $150 in cash when you apply for this card, end up approved and spend $500 on anything you want during the first three months that your account is open. What we love about that is that spending $500 is not difficult, and it is not so much money that you cannot bear to deal with the financial repercussions of it.

Another great aspect of this card is the 15 full months you get to enjoy 0% APR financing on all your purchases. This applies to your balance transfers, too, so you might be able to pay off some debt and still save money in the process. It’s a card to consider for that fact alone. That’s not all we love about this card, though. It turns out that the Chase Freedom card also comes with a very beneficial offer of no annual fee. Not just this year; all the time. You’ll never have to pay an annual fee to use this card. The good news is that so long as you keep your balance at zero every month by paying this card off in full each time you use it, it will never cost you a dime. Chase will pay you to keep this card in your wallet. That’s like a side job.

Another bonus we love about this card is the fact that you get to earn cash back just for shopping. Not everyone loves a rotating category cash back card, but many people do. The Chase Freedom card is definitely for you if you spend a lot of money on things that fall into the rotating categories. These are grocery purchases, gas purchases, entertainment purchases and so much more. The good news is that you don’t have to really change up your lifestyle much to enjoy the perks of earning additional cash back; you just have to enjoy life.

Each quarter there are rotating categories. For three months you’ll enjoy 5% cash back on whatever the featured categories are that quarter, up to $1,500 in purchases. If you max out that limit each quarter, you’re earning $300 cash back just on those purchases alone. Your other purchases are good for 1% cash back, so you’re earning even more money back that way.

What We Don’t Love

It goes without saying that I’m not a huge fan of revolving categories; it makes people earn a limited amount of cash back, but I don’t think that it’s something most people dislike. The only other thing that I can think that is not as beneficial with this card as other cash back credit cards is the fact that there is a foreign transaction fee, which makes this a card that will not work well for anyone who spends a lot of time shopping out of the country. The foreign transaction fee is 3%, which is hefty. Additionally, the cash back allotment for rotating categories does max out pretty low at $1,500 but it’s still worthwhile to those who don’t spend as much as others.

This is a good card to have in your wallet as Chase is such as popular financial institution, but whether or not this is the right cash back credit card for you is not up to me; it’s up to you.

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