Which Wells Fargo Credit Card is Right for You?

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is one of the leading financial institutions in the world, and the company offers a long list of credit cards perfect for those in need of a reputable card. From cash back to rewards cards, there is something for everyone, and each one has something to offer to those who need it the most. With a Wells Fargo credit card, you need good credit and you need an income. You also have to learn that there is no reason to apply for a card you plan on abusing. The most important thing you can do before submitting an application for one of these cards is understand that you have to pay on time, that you should always pay your card balance in full and that you should not run up your credit line just because it is available to you. What you should do, however, is ensure that you have plenty of available credit and that you keep excellent track of your card to reduce your chances of fraud. Now that you know what it takes to have a card from Wells Fargo, let’s recommend a few of the best cards.

Wells Fargo Rewards Visa

This card offers reward points for every purchase that you make. You will earn five points for every dollar you spend on select purchases for the first six months and one point for every dollar spent on everything else, and after the six month mark is up. Points can be redeemed for travel and other merchandise.

Wells Fargo Secured Card

This is a card that’s available for those who have less than perfect credit. If this is you, you might consider the fact that this card will help you get back on track and raise your credit score as soon as possible. The card requires a deposit that acts as your credit line, and you have the opportunity to use your card wisely so that you can earn an unsecured card at some point.

Wells Fargo Propel World AmEx

This card is great for those who love to travel. You’ll earn additional points on all purchases that are travel-related, which means that you will get to enjoy life a bit more when you get the chance. Rewards and be redeemed for other travel benefits, and that’s always nice.

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