What is the Emblem Credit Card?

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The Emblem credit card is one that most people know very little about. It’s difficult to find information about this card as it is not even mentioned on the website of its issuing bank. But people have heard of it and they want to know what this card is, how to get it and what it’s for. We did some digging, and while our information is still lacking significantly since there is no dedicated website to this card that will provide information to the general public, we’ve come to the conclusion that this is a card offered through special circumstance to Americans with a very low credit score and problematic credit history.

It appears that this card is offered to many consumers who have had issues with credit in the past. From the many reviews written about this card, most users claim that it was offered to them in exchange for paying off a charged-off debt as a way to reestablish credit through the program. It seems that his card offers a very low limit to cardholders, but they are willing to work with limits with customers who have had their accounts with Emblem for several years and have always managed to pay off their card on time, or at least make the minimum payment each month on time.

From what it appears, Jefferson Capital International is the issuer of this card, and it appears that they contact people with problematic credit for a card, and wait for those people to agree to the terms and conditions of the card – which involves settling a debt for a lesser amount and then receiving a card. Many of the users of this card claim that as long as they keep their end of whatever deal they make with the issuer, they are treated fairly and justly.

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