Why Comenity Bank Credit Cards are Underrated

Comenity bank credit card

Comenity Bank credit cards are highly underrated because they’re not major credit cards. Comenity Bank is well-known for offering smaller store-only credit cards, and those who have one know that they’re good cards, but they’re just not the major cards that others are used to carrying. For a small card bank, however, Comenity Bank credit cards offer more than many consumers like to give them credit, making them a far more interesting card that you originally thought. Seeing as how Comenity Bank credit cards seem to offer very little by way of rewards and points, most people are prone to overlooking this card in a major way. However, this could be a potential mistake that costs consumers serious rewards and sometimes even miles.

Don’t underestimate the earnings potential in a Comenity Bank credit card. Perhaps not all cards are going to benefit you, but some will. Before you ignore this particular brand of card in favor of another, learn precisely why the Comenity Bank credit card is underrated; and how you can make the most of what these cards have to offer. The first thing to learn about Comenity Bank credit cards is that they are primarily cards used for small stores. You’ll find your boutique stores uses Comenity Bank for their credit cards without hesitation. Unfortunately, many of these small boutiques do not offer any rewards or miles, and using the card is almost pointless other than to finance purchases for longer than necessary.

That’s why so many are mistakenly under the impression that a Comenity Bank credit card is not worth their time and effort. Store cards that don’t offer much in the way of rewards are not a good investment card for many people, so they bypass them and move on. But that’s because they don’t know that there are a few cards offered by this bank that do offer some significant rewards. We’ll break them down for you so that you know precisely how to make Comenity Bank credit cards work for you.

Comenity Bank Credit Cards for Stores

For the most part, unless you shop frequently at a particular boutique, these cards are not worth applying for. The savings are not worth it, the deals are not worth it, and the amount of shopping required to make the most of what this card has to offer is not worth it. Instead, skip these cards and don’t let the application process drag down your credit score a few points just so that you can score a 10% discount on a purchase that doesn’t even make a discount really worthwhile.

The Marathon Visa Comenity Bank Credit Card

We all need gas, right? Sure, there are a few people across the country without a vehicle of their own, but even they can use this particular credit card issued by Comenity Bank. This card is not only for Marathon gas stations, but the rewards for using the card at a gas station are significant. This Comenity Bank credit card is accepted anywhere that Visa is accepted, which means it could be a good care for many consumers. The benefit lies in that all cardholders are able to make a serious profit off this card – but you have to know how to use it.

You have to spend $1,000 or more per month at Marathon using this Comenity Bank credit card. If that sounds like it’s impossible, we have to tell you it’s not. The key is to find a local Marathon gas station that sells gift card (and you can use it for your gas and convenience store purchases, too). What we like to recommend is that you head right into your local Marathon gas station and purchase gift cards – and it’s important to note that not all Marathon’s offer gift cards so you’ll have to find one that does and stick to that store – for the stores that you visit often throughout the month. For example, buy yourself a Visa Gift Card or an American Express Gift Card you can use anywhere on the planet. Make sure you charge $1,000 (Pay it off in full at the end of the month) and then use those gift cards to make your everyday purchases at the supermarket and on date night or whatever.

Now you earn rewards; and they are significant. Each month you charge $1,000 at a Marathon gas station, you earn a $.25 per gallon rebate on your purchases. If you cannot spend $1,000 per month, consider spending between $500 and $999 to earn a $.15 per gallon rebate, or spending up to $499 per month for a $.05 per gallon rebate.

Virgin America Visa

If you’re a frequent traveler and you’re looking for a Comenity Bank credit card that will allow you to travel often, try this one. You’ll need to be very loyal to Virgin America flights. You’ll get 10,000 bonus miles when you spend $1,000 in 90 days or less, you’ll earn 3 points for every dollar you spend with Virgin America, you’ll earn 1 point everywhere else you use this Visa card, and this Comenity Bank credit card offers even more savings in the form of one free checked bag for both you and a guest. Additionally, you’ll receive a $150 annual discount on a companion ticket as well as a 20% in-flight discount on any purchases made on a Virgin America flight.

Honorable Mentions

There are a few specific Comenity Bank credit cards that offer a bit more bang for your buck, such as the Gander Mountain MasterCard and the Ann Taylor MasterCard. Both are for use in store or anywhere that the brand is accepted, and both offer slightly higher reward rates than other store cards. However, they’re not good enough to become primary credit cards if you are looking for some significant reward points. If you are looking for a store card, though, these are the two to consider as far as Comenity Bank credit cards are concerned.

If you’re big into the outdoors, the Gander Mountain Comenity bank credit card will work for you as it offers 3 points for every dollar spent, plus an additional 2 points for every dollar spent if your outdoor purchases total more than $10,000 per year.

If you love Ann Taylor Loft, earning 5 points for every dollar you spend on top of a $15 gift card on your birthday every year is a good thing.

Comenity Bank credit cards are underrated, but these should help you make the most of what the bank has to offer if you’re looking to acquire a card from one of their many different venues.

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