Why The Chase Slate Credit Card is Great for Emergencies

J.P. Morgan Chase

Not everyone looking for a credit card is looking for a bevy of rewards or travel incentives. Some people just want a credit card they can have on hand in case of emergencies. Perhaps they don’t trust themselves enough not to be enticed by the rewards to spend money they may not have at home. Perhaps they really do not have the funds to spend on anything additional, but they do need a card for incidentals and emergencies. There are millions people in the world like this, and there is nothing wrong with that. The Chase Slate credit card is a great card for just this purpose. It offers cardholders the benefits that are associated with a great card, but without all the fuss. This is the kind of card you have in your wallet, maybe even to pay off some higher interest rate cards after a balance transfer. It doesn’t offer rewards, but it does offer good terms.

No Interest

For a full 15 months, Slate cardholders are charged no interest. This applies to both balance transfers and purchases. As long as those purchases or transfers are paid off within 15 months, you will not pay any interest. However, you will pay accrued interest if you do not pay these balances in full before your term ends.

No Transfer Fees

Many cards allow their customers to transfer balances, but they do not allow them to do it free of charge. The Slate card does. You have 60 days to transfer balances from other cards onto your Slate card without being charged anything. After that, you will pay 3% of the transfer – no less than $5.

Fraud Protection

This card offers cardholders 0 fraud liability. If your card is missing or stolen, any purchases made with the card will be denied once you alert Chase to the fact that your card is lost or has been stolen. It’s important to note, however, that you should call immediately. If you don’t, you will be liable for the charges that incur on the card prior to you notifying the bank.

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