The Chase Freedom Card Overview

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Chase is one of the most prominent financial institutions in the world, which is precisely why they offer some of the best credit cards around. The Chase Freedom card is one that offers cardholders their choice – the freedom – to choose which rewards they want to redeem and how they want to earn their rewards and use their points. It’s one of the most popular Chase cards on the market for that reason. Cardholders love this card because of all it has to offer, the great customer service that Chase offers and the number of other benefits that they get being a Chase cardholder. Just how will having this card in your wallet benefit you financially? We have taken a long look at this card and all it has to offer, as well as the many reviews that cardholders have shared so that we can get a good look at what you’re really getting when you apply for this rewards credit card. Overall, customers seem to be very happy with the card and what it has to offer to them financially, which is always a good sign. Before you apply, know what to expect, how you’re going to benefit and how it will affect your finances.

Cash Back

This is perhaps the number one reason so many users prefer this card. The cash back offer is one of the most impressive in the card industry. Users will receive up to 5% cash back on qualifying purchases. The terms change each quarter, but they’re always worth it. For example, the 5% cash back offer is good on all purchases at grocery stores and Starbucks locations and movie theaters for the first quarter of 2015. Every other purchase you make is worth 1% cash back to your account. That means every time you spend money at any of the qualifying locations, you will get 5% of your purchase back. That’s a big savings; and the savings change all year so that you can get more of what you want and redeem cash back for it. The offer is only valid, however, on purchases up to $1500.

Cash Back Boost

This is an offer people just can’t get enough of. When you log on to your account and sign up for the cash back with Chase rewards, you will earn additional cash back when you make special purchases with the company. Essentially, depending on what the company has to offer at the moment, you can boost the cash you’re getting back from certain purchases anywhere from 2% to 15%. The offers change regularly and you have to be on the lookout for them to make them happen; but they are good offers to take advantage of if you want to earn faster rewards and more cash back.

No Annual Fee

Perhaps the biggest incentive with this particular Chase card is the fact that there is no annual fee. This is a card that pays you to use it, not the other way around. You will not see an annual fee tacked on after the first year, either. This one has no annual fee, ever, so there won’t be a period of time in which you will suddenly begin paying a pointless charge on your bill each year.


Every credit card has something about it people just don’t like. It might be something that isn’t a big deal to you, but to some it is. One of the biggest complaints that cardholders have is that they are finding that their card is being frequently declined on suspected fraud charges. This isn’t a big deal if you are happy with the fact that your credit card company is looking out for you, but it is a big deal if you have a big credit limit and you are declined making a purchase somewhere. It’s embarrassing; and it’s needless. It seems, however, that it’s not just happening overseas or out of the country as you might expect, but when making daily purchases for many cardholders.

Another complaint is that many people choose to pay off their card in full, but if they miss the amount by just a few cents or a few dollars making the payment, they have huge interest fees. For example, many cardholders claim that they pay off their charges in full each month but occasionally leave a balance of a few dollars if they use the card or a regular fee goes through after they send off their payment, and the interest charges on that are massive. The company states that they will charge interest for purchases accrued from the beginning of the month and that if the card is not paid in full, those charges will apply. It’s something many cardholders are unhappy about, for good reason.

What People Love about the Card

The fraud protection is one of the features most cardholders love about the Chase Freedom card. They state they cannot get enough of the fact that their identity and card is protected at all time, and they love that they are able to stop the card at any time in case there is something questionable going on. It’s a nice feature, and Chase is well-known for having some of the best fraud protection in the industry.

Customer service is something else that most people love with Chase. They agree that the company has some of the best customer service around, and that they love working with the people of Chase when they have an issue, a question or a thought.

Many customers are also impressed with the frequent credit increases they are given by Chase. The company states that they will check the credit of their cardholders periodically along with the account status of their customers so that they can see whether or not they deserve a limit increase, and they will issue it right away. This is something that the company does to appreciate their cardholders, and their cardholders appreciate that the company is thinking of them when they do this.

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