Chase Freedom Card Now offering New $150 Sign-Up Bonus

Chase Freedom

What we love most about credit cards are the sign-up bonuses that so many cards offer to new cardholders. These are not offers that are good for all existing cardholders, but they are good for new cardholders, and we love that. The Chase Freedom card is currently offering a sign-up bonus that’s better than usual. It’s one of the more popular credit cards on the market, and that’s because it always has great incentives to offer to customers. This one in particular is the Chase Freedom $150 sign-up bonus.

All new cardholders are eligible to earn $150 cash back – which is always something that comes in handy this time of the year – when they spend a total of $500 in the first three months of opening your account. This is a total of $166 and change each month for three months to earn a total of $150. That’s a lot of money and an impressive sign-up bonus to call your own. Excellent credit is required to obtain this card, and the perks are good ones.

  • Earn $150 bonus cash when you spend $500 in three months
  • Earn $25 bonus cash when you add an authorized user to the account and use this card to make a purchase in the first three months the account is open
  • Earn 5% cash back on a number of purchases in rotating categories every quarter
  • Earn 5% cash back on up to $1,500 in combined purchases every quarter (that’s $75 cash back every quarter if you spend $1,500 using this card)
  • All other purchases are worth 1% cash back
  • No annual fee associated with this credit card
  • No APR for 15 months on purchases or balance transfers

Sure, there are other rewards cards offering huge sign-up bonuses right now, but this is a lucrative offer when you do the math. Providing you with the following scenario, you could earn significant cash back every year, and that makes this one of the best cards to have. Let’s say you spend $30,000 annually with the Chase Freedom card (that includes all your monthly expenses). Of that, you spend $1000 per month on gas and you spend another $1000 per month on groceries and entertainment. Since the rotating award categories every quarter always include one of those three categories, you’ll earn a lot. If you do the math, you’d earn the following:

  • $150 cash back sign-up bonus
  • $25 authorized user bonus
  • $300 for spending $1,500 every quarter
  • $600 per year for spending only $1000 per month in the rotating categories
  • $180 on your 1% cash back purchases
  • Total cash back for one year = $1,255

You may or may not spend this in these particular categories. You might spend more or less, but it’s just an example of how much cash back you’ll earn every year when you spend money using this card.

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