How to Earn 10% Cash Back on Amazon Holiday Spending With Chase Freedom

Amazon's Chase Freedom 10% cash back rewards

Ten percent cash back: Do I have your attention now?

We all know that Amazon is, by far, one of the most convenient places to shop for, well, almost everything. It’s so easy to jump online and order diapers when it’s raining and you don’t want to deal with dragging infant twins into a store, or to quickly throw down a few bucks to order your 20-month-old twins some new Sperry deck shoes since theirs need replacement and you’re too lazy to drive 20 minutes with them in tow to shop. It’s really convenient since you can also sign up for the $99 Amazon Prime membership and receive free two-day shipping on all Prime purchases. Amazon is, quite frankly, delicious.

I’m certain I need not do much more to convince you that Amazon is spectacular. However, I will go ahead and mention that I can tell you how to earn 10% cash back on all your Amazon purchases through the holiday season, and I’m willing to be that catches your attention. Ten percent? That’s a lot of money. The only catch is that you’re going to need the Chase Freedom Card to make this work. If you don’t already have it, go ahead and apply now. The benefits are worth the application.

Chase Freedom Highlights

  • 5% cash back on rotating rewards each quarter
  • 1 % cash back on all other purchases
  • 10% cash back from November 23 – December 31 on all purchases made through Amazon, and
  • Earn $150 cash bonus when you spend $500 in three months after opening a new Chase Freedom Account

There are other bonuses and benefits of being a Chase Freedom cardholder, but we’re focusing on the fact that you can buy all the toys, clothes, jewels, electronics and whatever else it is you that you want to purchase for the rest of the year through Amazon and earn 10% cash back on all of it. Let’s say you do a lot of your Christmas shopping with Amazon every year ($1500) in this example. You’re going to spend that using your Chase Freedom card and earning 10% cash back; that’s going to give you $150 back on all your Christmas purchases. That is a sweet deal. It is important to note that cash back deals are good for the first $1500 worth of purchases you make in a particular category.

It’s even sweeter when we mention that you’re also earning cash back on everything else that you purchase, too. Additionally, have you taken the time to look here at the Amazon Black Friday shopping deals, yet?

Not sure if this is the right deal for you? It’s all right; no one likes to make a financial decision that affects your credit rating and financial lifestyle in a five-second time frame, and that’s good news. We can break it down for you even more, if you you’d like.

We all love shopping online from home. While everyone else is up early, fighting traffic and dealing with sleep-deprived zombies who have been out all night and desperately need to hit up a coffee shop and a liquor store for a pick-me-up (wearing pants), you get to sit in the comfort of your own home (in bed, wearing no pants, drinking whatever you want and enjoying the lack of traffic and sleep-deprived individuals) shopping – and earning cash back. So, who wins in this situation? You win.

Let’s use the following example to talk about what a sweet deal this is this holiday season. Let’s say that you have the Chase Freedom card and you want to do your shopping. Let’s say that the current offer this quarter is 5% cash back on gas and grocery purchases. Since it’s Thanksgiving and Christmas (and New Year), you know you’re probably spending at least $1500 on gas and groceries before the end of the year. Let’s say you also spend your maximum award limit of $1500 at Amazon using the card before the holidays. Now let’s say you pay your mortgage and your utilities and your other expenses this month with the card for a grand total of $3000, and you earn 1% cash back on all those purchases (we only recommend doing this if you are absolutely going to take the cash you normally allocate toward these purchases and then pay off your card at the end of the month).

You have earned $75 cash back on your gas and groceries. You have earned $150 cash back on your purchases. If you are a new cardholder, you have absolutely met your $500 spending requirement in three months’ time to earn $150 cash back. You also earned $30 cash back on all your other purchases. That’s a grand total of $405 all before the end of the year. That’s a lot of cash back, and that’s a nice way to make sure you a little something nice for yourself for the holidays, too. We love that, and we know you love that. Let’s get on board with our holiday spending, do it the right way and save money while spending.

  • Free money
  • Cash back on all your purchases
  • Christmas shopping from home
  • Saving money

That’s what you get with the Chase Freedom card and the Amazon deal being offered right now; that’s a happy holiday and a sweet Christmas for you.

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