Can a Merrick Credit Card Really Improve your Credit Score?


Merrick Bank offers a number of credit cards to those who qualify. While some people choose not to apply for cards because they feel that having a credit card might ruin their credit, others taken complete advantage of the benefits offered to them by their Merrick credit cards. The misconception held by many is that credit cards are bad for their credit and that they cause debt. The truth is that credit cards do absolutely nothing. You do it; you are the one responsible for your debt and your card usage. If you use your card responsibly, you will be able to see your credit score go up, your finances improve and doors open up for you that you never thought possible. You are the controller of the card, and the person responsible for your own financial freedom. If you’re considering a credit card from Merrick Bank, let us tell you how that card can help your financial future.

Major Credit Bureau Reporting

Merrick reports to the major credit bureaus, which means that your on-time payments and your low balance will be reported directly to the banks so that you can earn a good credit rating and credit score. It’s a simple way to raise your score and enjoy your finances.

Easy Account Management

You can easily keep track of your account with Merrick’s easy-to-use account system online and over the phone. This will allow you to see any unauthorized purchases right away so that you can dispute them and get your money back. Additionally, you can pay online and over the phone so you will never miss or make another late payment again.

It’s Up to You

Just remember that you have to use the card wisely in order for it to help your credit score. If you do not spend wisely, you will lose. You should keep your balance below 30% of your available credit, and you should also ensure that you pay off that card in full each month.

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