Three Great Offers from the Delta Skymiles Credit Card


Delta is a great airline that makes travel easy. The staff is friendly and helpful, the website is easy to navigate, and flights are always more affordable on Delta than they are on many airlines. In fact, I’ve been a frequent flyer with Delta for many years and it’s one of the very few airlines on which I’ve never experienced a delay or a cancellation on my flights. Of course, I’m from Florida so there are very few things that delay flights out of here, and that delay flights into this area. The weather is quite lovely. However, as a frequent Delta flyer, I can assure you that using this airline is going to please you. Additionally, if you apply for the Delta Skymiles credit card, you can reap even more benefits. If you are on the fence about this, let me give you a few really good reasons to go ahead and apply for this particular credit card.

No Annual Fee for One Year

An entire year of free card membership is nice. You will not pay the annual fee the first year you have the Delta credit card, which means a $95 savings right off the bat. While you will pay this fee in subsequent years, you will not worry about it the first year. Immediate savings is always nice.

Bonus Points

Points are the reason that so many people love airline credit cards. You get to use points for free flights, cheaper flights and so much more. So getting 30,000 points free of charge is always nice. If you spend $1000 on this card in the first 3 months of having it, you will get just that; 30,000 bonus points to do with what you please.

Statement Credits

Delta loves giving their cardholders statement credits. The first one you will receive comes in the form of $50 on your statement if you use the card to make a Delta purchase within the first three months of having this card. Whether it’s a flight or an upgrade, you will get this credit and all the savings it entails.

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