A Southwest Credit Card Deal You’d be a Fool Not to Partake In

Southwest Airlines

Nothing is better than free stuff, and that’s what Southwest Airlines is offering to new applicants approved for their credit cards. Chase is the issuer of the Southwest Airlines credit card, and the bonus points for signing up are always pretty impressive. Right now, however, the bonus points you get for signing up for this card are doubly impressive; as in 50,000 free points impressive. All you have to do is open a Southwest Airlines credit card and spend $2,000 in less than 3 months to get this amazing bonus. Once you do that, you will be qualified for some free flights, upgrades and other rewards. The best part is that the rewards are so good for using the card that you’ll continue to rack them up over time, making this card even more worthwhile to have.

For example, when reach the annual anniversary of your card membership, Chase will offer you another 6,000 bonus points. You’ll get 2 points for each dollar you spend when you make any purchase with Southwest Airlines and you get 1 point for every dollar you spend elsewhere. As you choose to higher in the tier of cards offered by this airline, the points become more impressive. The business cards are also offering the same rewards, which means you’ll end up with two free airline tickets and so much more when you use this card.

The biggest difference in the cards is the annual fee; one is $99 per year and the other is $69 per year. If you choose the Premium at the higher annual fee rate, you’ll get a few more bonuses but pay more to do so. It’s really up to you and what you see as beneficial in your financial future when you choose a card to apply for a Southwest Airlines credit cards.

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