Why You Shouldn’t Always Listen to the Bad Reviews about the United Airlines Credit Card

United Airlines

There are several good ways to decide whether or not to apply for a credit card with United Airlines, and one of those ways is to ask other people what they think. Who better to tell you what to expect than someone who already has the card at home? Of course, you should not rely solely on people telling you what to expect, because some people are wrong. What you should do is a bit of research. Start by looking up the card, checking out the interest rate and seeing if the benefits are worth it to you. Does it offer opportunities for you to increase your rewards or earn them faster? Do you have to use them in a specific time frame or will they expire? There are a lot of questions to ask and a lot of research to do when you apply for a United Airlines credit card. But you really shouldn’t rely completely on reviews. Take them in, consider them and then know why you shouldn’t always listen to bad reviews.

Angry People are Angry

When most people are upset, they tend to embellish the truth. They might want people on their side, so they are willing to embellish a little bit about things so that you will hate United with them and stand united against this company (really, I couldn’t stop myself). You should remember that more people who are angry tend to leave reviews than people who are satisfied.

People Don’t See Their Own Faults

Sure, it’s frustrating when customer service representatives are rude or not helpful, but that’s just one side of the story. For example, maybe the person who says that this company is filled with rude and unhelpful customer service representatives was rude first. Not everyone wants to help people who begin their conversation telling reps that they are useless morons who can’t do anything right – whether it’s true or not.

People Make Mistakes

Someone says that the company denied their application or that they wouldn’t increase their credit limit or that they wouldn’t lower their interest rate. Frustrating, yes. However, maybe that cardholder has terrible credit, or maybe they’ve maxed out their card, miss payments and make late payments. Just a little something to consider.

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