It’s the Little Things that Make the Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card Worth It


There are a number of benefits to holding an airline credit card, particularly if you’re a frequent traveler who can earn additional points on all those airline trips. However, which airline credit card should you carry? The obvious choice would be the card for the airline on which you spend the most time. After all, it doesn’t make much sense to apply for a Hawaiian Airlines credit card if you never fly Hawaiian. If you do, however, allow us to recommend that you apply for this card. Not only does the competitive interest rate and rewards points make this card completely worthwhile, there are several other benefits to holding this card that you might not know about at first. The next time you’re considering applying for a new card, let us give you three reasons why you should make sure it’s the Hawaiian Airlines credit card.

Bonus Points

You can earn a one-way trip (plus more points) by spending $1000 or more in the first three months you have the card. The 35,000 point bonus is impressive by itself, but once you realize what you can redeem those points for – or save them for to use at a later date – you’re going to want them now.

Half Price Companion Tickets

Here’s the number one reason we recommend this card for you. First time card holders are given a special discount. You can purchase a second ticket – called a companion ticket – for a friend or loved one on your next vacation in Hawaii or North America in addition to your ticket, for 50% off the regular price. This means you could purchase a $1000 ticket to Hawaii from Florida and get a second ticket for $500.

Free Checked Luggage

The cost of checking luggage anymore is ridiculous to the point of extreme. However, now you don’t have to worry about that. Hawaiian cardholders now get to bring on board their first bag free of charge. If you do the math, checking luggage can run you several hundred dollars between your two flights, and that’s sometimes the equivalent of purchasing a third airline ticket. A free bag is a big deal.

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