Is the Chase United Credit Card the Right Card for You?


Chase makes a great credit card, and there are many to choose from. These cards offer everything from great mileage rewards to points rewards to cash back and other great ways to save and earn when you shop. The card issuer is one of the most famous, too, so you know that what you are getting when you apply for a Chase credit card is a quality card. What we love about these cards is that they are easy to apply for, easy to use and easy to manage. Chase makes it impossible to forget to make payments, to forget to check your account and they make it very possible for you to keep a lid on your own credit and your personal finances when things go awry – like a missing wallet, for instance. The Chase United credit card is one that people are raving over, and we have some of the highlights of this immensely popular card for you to check out and see for yourself.

Priority Boarding

One of the biggest perks about carrying this card is the fact that you can fly United and get to sit in your seat before anyone else boards. It’s a nice little perk that’s associated with being a cardholder, and it’s one of the reasons people love it so much.

Free Checked Bags

Who doesn’t love a free checked bag when they fly? Especially with the price of luggage these days, being able to check your bags at no cost is really a beneficial tool. This makes the card worth it by itself.

Additional Rewards

When you use your card to purchase flights from United, you get additional points, which makes it easier for you to earn rewards. Additionally, each of your purchases on your flight or with your flight are going to add additional points to your account as well.

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