Why Cardholders Love Their Southwest Chase Credit Card

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When it comes to applying for a new credit card, many people want to know which card is the best one. This means that people want to know how other people feel about a particular card, what experiences they may or may not have had with the card and whether or not they feel the card is worth the application. As you well know, your credit score takes a hit that knocks it down several points every time you submit an application for credit. If the card is one you are going to end up hating in the long run, it would be nice to know that before you take the time to apply for it. For that reason, we’ve taken advice from those who have the Southwest Chase credit card and broken down their feelings on the card to help you decide whether or not the hit your credit will take is worth it. We can assure you that with this card, the risk is worth the rewards as far as other cardholders are concerned.

Great Customer Service

There are many stories from cardholders enamored with the customer service this card provides. Many of whom applied for the card when one offer was being given and received their card when another offer was introduced. These cardholders called customer service and asked if there was any way they could get the new offer instead of the one from the prior week and they were happily given a “yes” and bumped up with their rewards.

Perfect Credit is Not Needed

While this is a card that does only accept members with good credit, excellent credit is not needed to apply for this card and receive acceptance. Of course, the higher your credit score the more likely you are to be approved for a card with a much higher credit limit, but that’s just how creditors work. The good news is that your credit score over 600 is likely going to be approved.


Even cardholders with slightly lower credit scores are still given a very good interest rate. While most cards will see interest rates for their lower score customers somewhere around the 20% or higher range, this card offers customers rates as low as 15% and sometimes lower.

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