Is the British Airways Credit Card Worth Carrying?

British Airways

Many Americans don’t find much use for the British Airways credit card, but just because you aren’t English does not mean you don’t have a use for this card. Of course, it’s probably far better for actual British people than Americans considering they can use their own airlines domestically rather than primarily internationally. However, if you’re a frequent passenger with British Airways, this card might be one you should consider. It’s not just for the British; it’s for everyone who uses Visa. While the primary purpose of this card for most holders is the reward system, it’s a good card to have anyway. Business people, frequent travelers and lovers of the British Airways airline can apply for this card online or in-flight and begin receiving reward points from the moment you sign up and are approved for this particular credit card. From the start, you will receive awesome benefits.

No Annual Fee the First Year

This credit card is free for one full year after the date you apply and are issued approval. The following years, however, you will incur a $95 annual fee. It’s a bit higher than other annual credit card fees, but the card has so many other benefits for cardholders that it is difficult to deny the fact that you’re getting more than you’re spending to carry this card.

Bonus Points

Like most cards, you will receive bonus points if you make a minimum purchase in the first three months of having the card. Unlike other cards, however, the purchase with the British Airways credit card is a bit less expensive. You have 90 days to spend $2000 to receive 50,000 bonus points. That’s a lot of points for a small purchase.

Keep in Mind

The only way that you will ever benefit from this card is if you pay it off in full each month. You can benefit if you pay off the majority of the card each month if not in full, but paying only the minimum each month limits your spending abilities, which limit your abilities to earn points worth redeeming. If you are a big spender and good with paying off your card, however, you’ll find that earning points is simple.

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