How Can You Live on Last Month’s Income?


There is a big question that people are asking right now and it’s how you can live on last month’s income. It’s not a simple question to answer, and it’s not even a simple question to ask. How on earth is someone supposed to live on last month’s income this month when they’ve already spent it and they’re relying on this month’s income to cover expenses? It’s not a simple project, but we can tell you just how to do this. The easy way is to work for it. Most people who live paycheck to paycheck suffer each month and they need a buffer; that’s how you live on last month’s income.

So what you have to do is set aside money for your ‘buffer’ and then you’ll always be a month ahead. It’s not simple, but it can be done. For some families this might mean putting a little windfall away in the tune of one month’s salary. It could be money from that bonus you get at work, from something you sell or from a tax refund, if you get one. It doesn’t matter where you get the money from your budget, even if you have to save $50 per month until you’ve reached a savings of one month’s income. This is called a buffer and it’s how you can live on last month’s income. You can live a month ahead, which means you are a month ‘behind’ as far as your finances are concerned. It’s a great way to incorporate some savings into your life as well as make the process of living paycheck to paycheck just a little easier. You’ll have additional funds on hand in case you need just a little bit to get you by to the next check, and you’ll feel an immediate lack of stress and worry when these funds are available to you.

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