The Biggest Signs Your Husband is Bad with Money


The biggest reason behind divorce is marriage. The second biggest reason behind divorce is finances. It should be something that all engaged couples are forced to go through before they tie the knot; financial classes that find out how you spend your money, what you like to do with your finances and how responsible you are. This gives those who have a good financial responsibility know-how the chance to get out now before they are married to someone who is ruining them financially. It’s one of those things you must be honest about, something not everyone is honest about and it’s something not everyone bothers to deal with before marriage. So what happens when you get married and you begin to suspect that your husband is bad with the finances? Well, you can’t just go accusing people without some evidence. So what you need to do is look for the signs that your husband is bad with money and then work on presenting your case. Here are five of the biggest signs he’s not good with money.

He’s Always Short of Cash

Have you ever noticed that he is always asking to borrow a little from you just before payday rolls around? It’s not like he didn’t know that payday wasn’t going to be here until this particular day, yet he has nothing left over for lunch or for gas? It’s a sign when this happens every week or every other week.

He’s got Debt

Does he have debt? And while we know that most people have a car or at least a home they’re in debt over, we mean credit card and/or student loan debt? If so, it could be an indicator that he’s bad with money. Be sure to talk to him about this, though, because you never know if this debt is a result of an unexpected job loss and him using credit until he was able to get another job after his savings ran out. Never assume without getting the facts.

He’s got Terrible Credit

Now, he could be really bad with money or he could have been married to someone who ruined his credit before he was married to you. You have to know the facts before you make the assumptions, but assume that he’s bad with money and then ask about it.

His Parents Bail him Out

If his parents are constantly giving him money, they might be super amazingly nice and wonderful parents who just love to give, give, give. Or they could be giving him money because he can’t get by without their help on a regular basis. You have to find this out.

He has No Retirement

A man without retirement savings might not be good with money even if he has no debt and he’s not behind on his bills. It means he’s not doing what he needs to do for the future, and that by itself is a sign of a person who is not all that good with money. He’s not saving and preparing, and that is a red flag.

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