5 of the Most Important Rules of Becoming Rich

getting rich

There’s this old saying that discusses how money does not buy happiness. It’s true – to an extent. Money buys a lot of things that make us very happy; financial freedom, peace of mind and a sense of calm. However, if you’re an unhappy person in general, you will not find money buying you out of that one. It is so important to remember that happiness comes from within; and money can only enhance that if you already have it. On that note; it’s nice to be wealthy and I have a feeling that most of us would be very happy with millions in the bank.

While many people live life believing that being average is, well, the norm, it’s not. You can be wealthy and rich and financially free, too, but you have to remember there are a few rules to follow. And surprisingly, they’re not what you might think they are. Here are a few of the most common rules associated with being rich.

Live within your means

You might not realize just how wealthy you really are until you learn to live within your means. You cannot live a high-end lifestyle on an average budget, but you can live a nice one if you just remember to live within your means.

Appreciate what you have

There’s another old saying that you once prayed for the things that you have now, yet you don’t remember to appreciate them now that you have them. It’s not easy to be rich when you don’t realize where true wealth really is.

Save 10% minimum

To be rich, you have to save. If you are not saving at least 10% of your income every month, you are not doing what you need to do to become rich. It’s a simple rule, really, but it’s a good one to follow. Without savings, you are one disaster away from sheer poverty.

Take action

Instead of wishing for money, waiting on it to come to you and saying things like, “If only I could win the lottery,” get up and take action. Build your business, your brand and your future. Stop waiting on someone else to make you rich and make yourself rich. Trust me, you won’t get there until you do.

Maintain good credit

It’s another simple thought; if you have good credit and no debt, you are already wealthier than most of the people in this country. It’s amazing how many people forget about this very simple rule and don’t live by it.

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