3 Tips for Buying a New Car That Will Save You Money

Buying a new car is something the general public is doing far less often, and for good reason. Sure, driving the expensive and hottest new rides on the market is fun but it’s not practical and it’s never cost effective. Driving your car long after it’s paid for is a much better idea. In fact, it’s a great idea. For this reason, many people are in the market for a new car like a mazda cx30 for sale right now because they’ve been driving their current vehicles for almost a decade (the average age of a vehicle on the road today is 11.4 years). Here are three ways to prevent you from being swindled at the dealership when you buy your next new car.

Apply for a Loan First

Don’t go through your dealership for a vehicle loan. Dealerships aren’t known for caring much about what interest rate you get or what terms you are provided with. In fact, they don’t care at all. Dealerships have relationships with their own banks and lenders and that’s who they’ll use when it comes to financing your new vehicle. Go in with a pre-approval for a loan from a bank or credit union to save big bucks buying a new car.

Don’t Trade in Your Old Car

Dealers might give you a great price on a new car, but they’ll make up for that great price by low-balling the offer they provide you for your trade. Sell it outright and be done with it. Yes, it might take a little longer and yes it might be a little annoying, but a few thousand extra dollars makes it worth the time and effort.

Discuss Only the End Result

You don’t care about MSRP or this or that or monthly payments. What you want to know is what this vehicle is going to cost you if you were to write a check right this second to walk out the door of this dealership. That’s the price you work with.

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