3 Things You Should Stop Wasting Money on Every Day

If you are one of the many people who look at your wallet at the end of the week and wonder exactly what you spent so much money on, welcome to the club. We all do it. I might start the week out with a set amount of cash for my incidentals; coffee, dry cleaning and other things that don’t cost much that cash is a much better idea for, and I will wonder at the end of the week exactly what I spent it on considering I stopped once for coffee and sent my husband out for the dry cleaning. The truth is, we all waste our money; every single day.


Guilty. I know, I know. Even though I have my perfect (3 cups) cup of coffee from my Kuerig every morning, I still stop and spend entirely too much money on something entirely too frothy and full of entirely too many calories because I just can’t stop myself. Especially when it’s fall and pumpkin spice everything comes back. Here’s the deal; a $4 cup of coffee every single day costs you $1,460 per year. What a waste, right?


When you are standing in the supermarket and you just have to know all about the Duchess of Cambridge’s new baby bump, you might spend $5 on a magazine. If you do that several times a month all year, you’re spending hundreds of dollars on those magazines when you could just have them mailed to you each month for less than a dollar or two an issue.

Dry Cleaning

Guilty, again. We spend entirely too much on dry cleaning because we are entirely too intimidated by the sheer cost of the garment in the first place and by the hand wash/dry clean only instructions on the label immediately after. Most things can be handwashed at home without damage and there are products you can use otherwise to wash and dry your own clothes at home without damaging them.


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