10 Reasons Why Time Will Always Be More Important Than Money


There is never enough time in the day, and we often find ourselves looking for more of it where we can. We are, so many of us, so bad at managing our time. We waste so much of it on trivial things such as social media, games and simple distractions, therefore making it impossible for us to get anything else accomplished throughout the day. So what do we do? We borrow time from something else, and that something else is usually our families. We make a bad habit of taking time from our families to do other things. I’m doing it right now. I work from home, so I have to find a way to manage my time more effectively, and stop worrying so much about my job so that I can focus more on my family. But I have a difficult time sometimes.

I always want to do just a little more. I can usually get my work done by waking up at 5 am to work, spending the morning with my kids before taking the two older ones to school and then again when my twins nap. I can finish up at night when my kids go to bed, but I like to spend that time with my husband. I often find myself, as a result, squeezing in a bit of work when I should be more focused on my family. It’s a difficult habit to break. I try; I fail sometimes. But then I try again.

The thing is, once a moment is gone – it’s gone forever. There is always a dollar to be made, but there is not always time to spend with the people we love the most. For me, that’s my kids. That’s why I try so hard not to work when they are home from school or on the weekends or on holidays. That’s why I try so hard to spend those days with them and spend that time with them. Time is of the essence, money is not. That’s why time will always, always be more important than money. And here are ten reasons why.

Our time is limited

My grandmother passed away on August 14 very unexpectedly, and I can assure you that with her death came a lot of regret for me. For me, I wished I’d had more time with her. I wished that I would have spent more time with her over the past few years and that I would have made more time for her in my own busy life. I feel now that I did not spend nearly enough time with her, and that’s something I have to live with for the rest of my own life. Our time is limited, and that’s a bummer.

Memories don’t make themselves

My kids are a lot of fun, and I look back on the time that we spent together so far with a smile. We don’t have to travel or do something amazing to make memories, either. I look back on the five minutes I spent with my husband lying on our oldest daughter’s bed with her and her younger sister last night goofing off and having fun, and I smile. That time is so important to me and it’s so precious to me, and I know that memories aren’t making themselves.

Our kids are only small once

I blinked and my daughter was 7. She was just born. Now she’s 7 and our other daughter is 4.5 and our twins are 1.5. What happened to time? Where did it go? She’s not all that small anymore and it makes us realize just how little our kids really are small, and how very little time they have to spend with us when they actually want to spend time with us. It’s an important lesson we all have to learn.

We only have this moment once

It’s gone now. There are so many missed opportunities because we allow moments to pass, and we cannot do that. Time is more important than money, every single time.

What’s the point in having money if you don’t enjoy it?

I say this to my husband all the time. What’s the point in us working so hard to make a living if we don’t enjoy it? I enjoy it; but he never splurges on himself or does anything nice for himself, and I have to remind him of this all the time.

When you look back on life, you’ll wish you’d spent more time with your family

I know this because it’s the one consistent thing that people say as they get older. They never say that they wish they had more money or that they spent more time at the office. They always say they wish they spent more time doing fun things with people that they love.

A healthy balance is healthy

We have to work, but we don’t have to be work. We can work and have fun and have something called a healthy balance of both. This kind of healthy balance is what it takes to live a healthy life. We work hard, we play hard and we really try to enjoy life. We’re not getting out alive, after all.

Those who have money wish for more time

It’s a common statement that people make. No matter what you do in life, how much money you have, you always wish that you had more time. You wish you had more time for the people you love, the activities that you love and more time just to rest and relax and sit back and enjoy. It’s just how life goes.

Your legacy demands it

When your family looks back on your life, how will they remember you? Will they remember you as someone who works all the time, or someone who enjoyed life and work and everything in between? You wan tyour legacy to be a good one, but you also want to manage to have your family look back at your life and realize that they were able to enjoy it.

You deserve it

You deserve the time in your life to enjoy it. We all do; we work hard, so we should enjoy our lives.

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