10 Frugal Skills To Teach Your Children In 2017


As a parent, it is up to you to teach your children all of the things that they need to know in life. There are several lessons that children learn at home that they don’t learn in school. Being frugal is one of these things. Your children will learn how to count money in school and they may even learn to manage it, however, they won’t learn how to save it. Teaching your children to be frugal is very important if they are going to be financially secure one day. You should start teaching your children about being frugal when they are young. There are a few lessons that they should learn.

Set a Savings Goal

It is important to teach your children the importance of saving money. In the long run, this will teach them to be frugal. For example, if your child is given a weekly allowance and they have their heart set on buying a movie, teaching them to set a saving goal will keep them from spending their money on candy or other cheap things that they don’t really need. Teaching them how to set goals and save for them is going to be extremely beneficial for their future. When they are saving for a new car or a home, the lessons about savings goals that you taught them when they were younger will help them get the things that they want when they get older.

Get a Library Card

You should take your child to get a library card and take them to the library often. Let them see the free services that the library has to offer. When you get your children into the habit of using the library, they won’t spend money on books that they will only read once or buy movies that they will only read once when they are older. When they get into the habit of taking advantage of the free services at the library, they will save money in the future.

Price Comparison

It is important to teach your children to comparison shop. There are many people who will grab the first thing off the shelf just to get finished shopping sooner. If you do this, your children will do it when they get older. When they learn the importance of comparison shopping early on, they will learn to save thousands of dollars when they get older.

The Store Brand is Just as Good

When your kids are young, you should start serving them the store brand foods rather than the name brand food. It will teach them at a young age that the store brand is just as good. It will also teach them an important lesson for their future. When they are all grown up and moved out of the house, they will continue buying the store brand because that is what they were raised on. This can save them thousands of dollars throughout their lives.

Care and Organization

If you teach your child to stay organized and to care for their things, it will help them in the future. When your kids are in the habit of keeping track of their belongings, it is a habit that will stick with them forever. As adults, they won’t be losing their things and needing to replace them. Also, if you teach them to properly care for their things, they won’t get ruined easily. This will keep them from needing to replace their items. It is important that they learn the value of their things at an early age.

Give An Allowance

It is a good idea to give your child a weekly allowance so that they will learn how to manage money. It will give them the opportunity save money for the things that they want. You don’t just want to give them a handout. You should assign chores to your children and make them work for their money. This will help them learn the value of a dollar. If you just hand them money, it won’t teach them what it is like to work for their money.

Don’t Buy Something Just Because it is On Sale

There are many adults who will buy something just because it is on sale. They may not even need it, but they will still buy it. Buying something that you don’t need, even if it is on sale, is a waste of money. This is something that you should teach your children early on. Saving 50 percent on something that they don’t need isn’t as good as saving 100 percent. The same is true if you have a coupon for an item that you don’t need. Just because you have the coupon, it doesn’t mean that you need to use it.

There is Nothing Wrong With Thrift Shopping

There are some people who frown upon thrift shopping. This is probably because they never went thrift shopping when they were younger. If you start taking your child to the thrift store at a young age, they learn at a young age everything that the thrift store has to offer. When they are adults, going to the thrift store will be second nature to them. They will also learn that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get the things they want. When they are able to see that they can find high quality merchandise at the thrift store, they will shop there, saving a great deal of money.

Always Check the Discount Rack

Most retailers have a discount rack located somewhere in the store, often in the back. The items on the discount rack change all the time. When your children are young, take them shopping and stop at the discount rack. When you make this a regular part of your shopping trip, you kids will follow suit when they get older. There can be some excellent bargains on the discount rack.

The earlier you start teaching your children to save money and be frugal, the longer the lessons will stay with the. If you are lucky, the lessons will stay with them always. When they are older, they will be able to manage their finances better.

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