Little Girl Calls 911 After Mistakenly Touching Her Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf

Police in New Jersey showed up at a home after a seven-year-old girl called 911 when she mistakenly touched her “Elf on the Shelf.” In the popular children’s book, kids are cautioned not to touch the elf, or else he will lose his magic. Isabelle LaPeruta, of Old Bridge, dialed 911, though she quickly realized she shouldn’t have, and told the operator she was trying to call her dad.

Since police are required to check out all 911 calls, they made a quick stop at the home.  They said Isabelle was upset and tried to get them to leave before her mom awoke from a nap. The responding officer’s reaction was priceless: “Isabelle apologized. She touched the Elf on a Shelf. She won’t call 911 again.”

A recording of the 911 call revealed the girl’s concerns.

“Hello?” the 911 operator says.

“It’s Isabella,” the girl says.

“Hi. Hi, Isabella. Why are you calling 911?” the operator asks.

Suddenly, the girl panics.

“Don’t come to my house!” she shouts. “Don’t!”

She goes on to explain, “I was trying to call my dad” to tell him about the accident.

The operator responds, “You can just say you made a mistake.”

Despite Izzy’s pleas, police have to check out any 911 call from a child, so an officer went to the home and when he arrived, found the girl in tears.

The officer calmed Isabella down as her mother woke from a nap and found her daughter trying to shoo away the cop.

“She was hysterical crying, she was panicking,” said Lynanne LaPeruta.

Izzy admitted later, “I didn’t want to get in trouble.”

She said the elf fell onto the floor when she threw a ball.

The officer radioed back to headquarters: “Isabella apologized. She touched the Elf on a Shelf. She won’t call 911 again.”


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