JCPenney Stores Surprises Shoppers with Random Acts of Kindness

JC Penney

Random acts of kindness are some of the most wonderful, most special acts. The spur of the moment decision to pick up the tab for a young family out to dinner with their crying baby, or to pick up a cup of coffee for the lady behind you in line at Starbucks. Even the simple act of offering up a sincere compliment when someone needs it most is enough to change your day, and the recipient’s day as well. It’s easy to feel good when you make others feel good. And it’s really easy to feel good when someone does something for you that is unprecedented, unnecessary and unexpected.

JCPenney did just that last month in several of their Midwest stores. The company decided that a few random acts of kindness was enough to make their customers happy and remind them that good is available in the world. However, instead of providing their customers with acts of kindness on their behalf, the store let other customers handle the kindness for them. Staffers were instructed to choose customers at random and give them the power to approach another customer in the store and offer that customer the opportunity to purchase anything in the store they’d like on them. There was no monetary limit. There were no exclusions. There were no rules.

Those who did the giving were able to make the day of someone who probably needed it more than others even realized. Those who were approached to be the recipients of such kindness were shocked, emotional and overwhelmed. Most everyone cried at the generosity this complete stranger offered to them in the middle of their local JCPenney, and even the people who walked away with no tangible gifts only the knowledge that they just made someone’s day were overwhelmed with emotion. In a situation such as this, it’s almost difficult to figure out who was more excited, more touched by the act. JCPenney footed the bill for absolutely everything that was chosen that day, including a couch and a wedding ring. Most people chose practical items, which often shows just how much in need they might be.

The campaign is called #JustGotJingled and it was a smashing success at the store. The lives it touched will be forever changed. Those able to see the emotion and thankfulness in the people they chose to randomly receive a shopping spree will never forget how it felt to do something that amazing for people – even if they weren’t footing the bill. The lesson here is that it feels good to give, probably better than it does to receive. And JCPenney really was able to spread that kind of cheer and knowledge with this particular campaign.

If you’re not shopping at JCPenney this holiday season, you should. If this doesn’t convince you that you are supporting a store that cares, perhaps the many coupons, discounts and sales that JCPenney offers will entice you to shop this store for your holiday needs.

Online Coupons

One of the easiest and least detailed ways to obtain coupons for JCPenney shopping trips is online. The store has dozens of coupons available to customers at any given time, and these be found all over the web. Additionally, the store’s website also features a number of coupons you can either use the code to shop online with or you can print them and take them into the store when you head out on your shopping trip. Both coupons are easy to use and even easier to find. You’ll find anything from a certain percentage discount on your purchase to a specific dollar amount discount on any given purchase. It’s a great way to save a little money and earn a little kudos in your household for staying on budget.

Sign Up for Emails

If you go into the store and a cashier asks you for your email address, give it to him or her. This is going to help you receive coupons directly in your inbox. You don’t have to do any internet searches, paper runs or printing with these coupons. You can get them in your email and then save them to your phone. When you go shopping, just hand your phone to the register cashier to scan the barcode on the coupon and you get to walk away with a discount on your shopping. This might be one of the easiest ways to obtain JCPenney coupons. We love a good, effortless way to save money. You’ll receive at least one coupon every week when you sign up for these emails, which is a way to make shopping exceptionally inexpensive every single time.

Sign Up for Mail

Do you have a home address? If so, you can save a lot with the many coupons that JCPenney loves to mail their loyal customers. This is another thing you can do when you checkout in stores. Provide your address to the associate ringing you up and they will mail you coupons regularly. They will mail some of the best coupons close to the holidays, which is a great way to save on your biggest shopping trips of the year.

If you’re not comfortable giving your home address to strangers in person, you can sign up for a JCPenney account online at home. You’ll be able to input your address and your email this way so that you can receive the many discounts and coupons that are available to you, and you never have to leave your home or put forth additional effort to receive these coupons. It’s a great way to save.

Social Media

If you have social media accounts, you can check on JCPenney’s many social media pages for coupons. They do occasionally offer discounts and coupons to their followers so that the people who are loyal to them have a way to save when they do their shopping. It’s a simple way to obtain coupons for the store when the mailbox or your inbox are empty. It’s not difficult, but the rewards are great.

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