Help This Woman Find The Owner of The Wedding Ring She Found in the Parking Lot


If there’s one wearable possession that has the most meaning in life, it’s got to be the wedding ring doesn’t it?  It symbolizes everything good and lasting about a relationship.  So naturally when a wedding band had turned up in a parking lot a local woman did her best to try and return the band to its rightful owner.   The woman who found the ring, Diane Dietz, wasn’t sure where to turn for help so she contacted the local news department.

The gold glint caught her eye — a ring, lying on the pavement in front a Target store.   Diane Dietz picked it up.  “I looked and at first I didn’t notice it had an inscription,” said Dietz. But a closer inspection showed it did, two sets of initials, MRS and JRS, and a specific date in 1955. Diane Dietz thought one thing.  “It looks like my father’s wedding band.”

However, her father still had his ring on.   That meant there was someone still out there who had a wedding ring missing close to a potential 60th wedding anniversary.   Dietz did what any good person would in a situation like this:  “I went on Facebook, I went on, I called Target and reported it to them, I put it on Craisglist.”  As a last resort she called the Eyewitness news.

Local CBS news in Philly decided to take it even further. On the off chance that this couple got their marriage license in Philadelphia they thought to check city records to figure out who they are. But officials tell CBS 3 Eyewitness News without at least one last name, it’s nearly impossible to figure out who this couple is.

The closest known location of the ring is where Dietz picked it up a which was lying on the pavement in front of the Target along Route 1, south of Woodhaven Road.

Now we turn it back to you internet.   If you know anything about the ring or its rightful owner please contact our Facebook Page or Twitter.

Here is the news video of the story:


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