Heartbroken Husband Waits 44 Hours to buy iPhone 6 for His Wife


While the iPhone waits rage on, people will seemingly do just about anything and everything to get their hands on one.  But waiting for over 24 hours isn’t even half the story.  Recently we caught this video of a heartbroken man by the name of Darius Wlodarski.  He waited 44 hours to buy the latest iPhone when the Apple store in Bristol opened at 8am.  Darius, 41, from Swindon, began waiting in Cabot Circus at noon on Wednesday to make certain he would not fail to buy one of the new phones for his wife, Joanna.

However, the story comes with a disappointing twist.  The couple split up a month ago.  Darius tells us that his wife felt that he wasn’t a good husband anymore.  Clearly Darius was extremely broken up about it (you could tell by the tone in his voice).   So, for whatever reasons Darius has,  he is determined to fulfill his promise to himself to buy one for her even though he does not expect the present will necessarily get them together again.  However,  Darius hopes it will bring her some happiness.

People are rallying behind Darius in hopes that he can reconcile with his wife.  The truth of the matter is, we have no idea what the real reasons this couple split are.  However, we truly hope that the intentions are true and that Darius is as sweet as he seems in this video.  Let’s hope love is in the air for the iPhone 6!

Photo via Youtube


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