What are “Free Range” Toys And Why are they Trending?


Kids today are pretty much taken care of 100% by their parents. And while it’s good to take care of the kids to whom you call your own – it’s very responsible, really – it’s even better to let them learn a few things of their own. When we were growing up, we had a lot more free range, creativity and imagination than kids today. Today, many kids aren’t allowed to play in their own fenced-in, private back yard if mom isn’t in the grass with them, even if she can see them from the enclosed porch on which she’s sitting feeding the new baby. It’s all about being on top of your kids at all times. It’s all about helicopter parenting and never letting kids learn to do anything for themselves, and it’s dangerous. That’s what makes free-range toys so trendy at the moment.

These are toys that cultivate and foster creativity in kids. They make it possible for kids to do what they want with them and no one can tell them what to do. Parents cannot dictate how kids use their free-range toys because every single one of them is different. If you have two kids with the same toy, they will each create something different out of their toy, and you cannot tell them they are right or wrong. That’s why this is trending at the moment. It’s a toy that allows kids to be creative and use their imaginations, something that most things no longer leave much room for.
Kids aren’t creative, imaginative or motivated these days. Things are always done for them, so they have no reason to bother with it. Parents don’t allow their kids to go outside and play games that are just fun and creative anymore. There is no more hide and seek – it’s all about structured, learning games that teach kids something. The problem is that parents forget that kids learn a lot from their own creativity and ideas.

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