Cheap Gas is a Thing of the Past, But We have a New Way of Looking at That

Gas Pump

Gas is one of the least luxurious purchases anyone can make, yet one of the most luxurious purchases anyone can make. It’s a luxury when you take into consideration the fact that we have vehicles that can get us from point A to point B much faster than transportation in the past. It’s also a luxury when you consider that not everyone owns a vehicle or can afford one. It’s an especially big luxury for those who are driving expensive luxury vehicles that are brand new every few years. Driving is a luxury, and getting gas is actually a luxury.

For once, instead of complaining about gas prices not being nearly as cheap as they were years ago, or the fact that they’re cheaper now than they have been in years yet it’s still high, or the fact that we just can’t catch a break at the pump, we thought we’d use expensive gas vs. cheap gas as a lesson in appreciation for people who have to put it in their vehicles on a regular basis. Sometimes you get a better lesson out of something you don’t consider – even though we’d all love some miracle answer to finding cheap gas.

Pumping Gas Means You Can Drive

Many people don’t have that luxury. There are men and women in other countries who don’t have the freedom to drive, or they’re not allowed because of their strict laws or religious beliefs. Additionally, there are people in the world who have never been in a car, will never own one, and will never know what it’s like to own something so convenient. That’s a perspective that makes you feel a little better, right?

Pumping Gas Means You Have Money

You might not have a lot of money, and you might not always have enough money, but if you have a car and you need gas, you’re doing better than many people all over the world. There are some people who can’t even afford to drive, so they don’t have a car. If you have to stop at the pump every week, you are more than likely earning enough money for the things you need.

Pumping Gas Means You Have Options

Even if you can’t afford gas, and you have no job, if you have a car and you’re pumping gas, it means you have options. It means you have the ability to go find a job, because you have the ability to go to work, to get there every day. You have the option to drive to the grocery store for medication when your children are sick, or for milk when you’re out. Pumping gas isn’t glamorous, and it’s expensive, and you usually can’t make it cheaper; but you can look at it from a different point of view and at least change your perspective on your next fill up.

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