10 Biggest Cats in The World

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The 10 biggest cats in the world are creatures that most people wouldn’t want to mess with, but are still magnificent. Their nature makes them some of the deadliest creatures around, but there’s still something wondrous about their natural grace and beauty.

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It’s amazing that among the ten biggest cats in the world, the tiger isn’t called ‘king’. But then again, these reclusive animals tend to keep to themselves and don’t form a pride like lions.

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What’s fun to note is that while male lions are typically in charge, the females do much of the hunting. Of course, the males do protect their pride, as their size and great strength make a huge difference.

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There is a reason why certain cultures select animals as their spirit guides and totems. The jaguar is a powerful hunter and on top of that, more dangerous than many cats due to its hunting methods.

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As one of the solitary hunters of the animal kingdom, leopards have a reputation as one of the most dangerous as well. Any creature that can exhibit the type of stealth and patience that this cat possesses is one to remain wary of.

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Known to live in the mountainous regions and forests around the Pacific Northwest, cougars are often seen as a farmer’s worst nightmare. While they don’t actively seek human interaction, they’re not averse to attacking livestock and pets when the chance arises.

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There are a few myths concerning cheetahs that have thankfully been debunked over the years. Even though they are the fastest land mammals in the world, their insane speed is only used in short bursts when hunting.

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Snow Leopard

In terms of leaping, big cats are no slouches. But the fact that the snow leopard can leap six times its body length is reason enough to give these big cats a wide berth if you ever spot one.

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These cats often get overlooked and confused with bobcats, but they are very unique. As hunters, they are highly skilled, and despite their lack of size, they’re every bit as deadly when encountered in the wild.

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Clouded Leopard

Like a few other big cats, the clouded leopard is adept at climbing trees. This means that as a hunter, it’s incredibly diverse and far more dangerous than animals that only hunt on the ground.

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Many animals have throughout their existence adapted to their surroundings, which makes hunters like the caracal very dangerous. Built kind of like a lynx, these cats are sleek and a bit smaller.


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