16 Ways to Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online

Making money online is easier than you think. With the amount of free resource available to you online today, you have a virtual playbook for quitting your 9 to 5 job, and being your own boss from home. For some of you this shift to making a living online might be out of necessity, such as losing your job, while for others you might be in need of a career change. Regardless of what your reasoning is, there is plenty of opportunity out there for you. In this guide we’ll provide you with a list of ideas that will hopefully trigger something for you.

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Sell Your Stuff To Decluttr

Decluttr makes it incredibly easy to turn your useless CDs, Games, DVDs, books, cell phones, Legos, Apple products and tablets into cash. Simply download their Android or iOS app, and start scanning the bar codes of the junk you want to sell. Decluttr will instantly give you a quote for what they are willing to pay you for the item. Once you finish adding items to your basket, print out the free shipping label, put everything in a box and mail it to Decluttr. You’ll then receive payment via direct deposit, check or charitable donation, one day after they receive your box. If you’re interested in this, check out our guide to making a business out of Decluttr.


It’s free to sign up with Swagbucks, and you can make money in a variety of ways. You can take surveys and receive $.40 to $2.00 per survey. You can shop and get cash back, watch videos, as well as play games in exchange for Swagbucks and gift cards. If you really love taking surveys, you should also sign up to take surveys on mysurvey.com and surveymonkey.com.


If you have a particular talent, such as making hair bows or wreaths or other clothing, accessories or decorations, you can open an Etsy shop. This works because it’s a minimal expense. You can start a business by taking photos of things you make, buying supplies you need to make them and charging people for your items. You’ll have to create a webpage on Etsy and market your business through social media, but once you get a good following, you can make some money from home working technically from your computer with little effort.


If you’re a good writer with a talent and the discipline to work from home, you can do this online. You might want to consider whether or not you have writing experience, first, however. You’ll want to either have a college degree that will help you in your field, or some experience. You can apply for freelance writing jobs online, by calling local companies or by sending out query emails to companies that are looking for someone to copywrite for them. You’ll need good proofreading skills and proper grammar; everything thinks they can be a writer, but it does take some skill.


The key with blogging is to gain a following. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to do that with sites such as Pinterest at your disposal. You can pin your blogs on there and hopefully get people interested in reading them. You can follow other blogs, make comments, leave your information for others and even link to your own blog posts in comments you leave on the blogs of others. You can also use ads to help you earn money with your blog. Just make sure you have something interesting to say and that you post regularly for the best results.


If you have a home phone and the internet, you can be a telemarketer. Many companies are looking to hire people who have this sort of connection to the outside world to help them expand their own business. These companies aren’t required to pay freelancers any sort of benefits, so it benefits them to hire you to work remotely from home using your computer and home phone. You can work for car rental companies, hotels, and even other companies. You might need some training before you start, but it’s a great way to earn some money online.

Sell Things On eBay

Believe it or not, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to open stores on sites such as eBay in which to sell things online. You don’t even have to have things to sell right now. Many people are making a lot of money online by hitting up garage sales and estate sales, picking up cheap electronics, toys and other things and turning around and selling them online for a profit. Some people that do this make it a full time job and end up making hundreds and even thousands each week. You just have to be smart about your purchases.


This is a site that lets you do things you can do. For example, one woman actually takes the time to hire herself to write sand messages on the beach and mail them to people for a profit by advertising her services on Fiverr.com. The catch is that the site gets to keep $1 of your earnings and you get the other $4. Everything on the site is set at $5. If you have a craft that doesn’t take long, or a skill that you can do in just a few minutes time, you can make a few hundred dollars a month this way.


This is another great website on which you can find freelance work from home. You get to create a profile, highlight your abilities and your education and bid on work. If your bid is chosen, you can make serious money doing work for people online. You’ll get to do anything from writing articles to writing research to architectural work to research and everything in between. It’s not a bad job to have if you can do it. It’s not difficult to get started in this site, either, but it is profitable.


If you have a particular area of knowledge, you can tutor kids or adults online. There are plenty of sites online asking for help with tutoring, and you can even advertise your own tutoring services online to get some clients and make some money. The best part of this job is you get to charge by the hour, so you set the rate and you set your own hours. It’s perfect if you need to have a flexible schedule to accommodate outside factors in life, such as an office job or your family and their extracurricular activities.


If you have quick look up skills and a particular knowledge of just about anything in the world, you can work for this site. Customers use this site to get answers for questions they really need to have. They pay you to find those answers and provide them to the customer in a matter of seconds. Customers pay anywhere from $10 to $40 per question. The site keeps anywhere from 25 to 40 percent of the fee that customers pay, but you get to keep the rest. If you’re quick with your typing and your knowledge, you can make some serious money doing this online job.


This is a site that pays you to do things online for them. The different tasks vary greatly. Some require you to look up information and others require you to give an answer or an opinion on something that they need to know or do or learn more about. You won’t earn a lot as most of these tasks pay only a few dollars at a time. However, if you can do enough of them, you have earning potential in the hundreds each month. It might be enough to give you some extra spending money or to pay a small bill.

Take Photos

If you’re a photographer, you can make money selling your photos. You don’t even have to be a professional, as long as you have some minor talent, a working photography studio, and some good photos. Companies that use photos and images with copyrights and licenses are willing to pay people for great photos they take so that they can use them and sell them to third party people for a fee. To sell your photos, you lose your ownership of them and can’t use them again without paying for them through a subscription, but many people don’t care.


You can download this app on your iPhone and get some freelance positions through it (don’t worry if you’re not an iPhone user – Android is making an app as I type). This app is used by companies across the world that need little odd jobs done for them. Download it on your phone and check it regularly to see what’s available new in your area. You might be paid a few dollars or more to do something like take a picture of a display at a local store and send it to the company. It’s not a difficult job, but it does pay.

Transcription Work

If you have great computer skills, fast typing skills and an ability to work quickly and meet stringent deadlines, you’re going to be able to do this job. It pays very well. Sometimes as much – if not more than — $20 per hour. Transcriptionists make a good deal of money because they have a lot to offer. The need for transcriptionists in industries such as medical billing and even law is significant, and the competition is fierce. This means you need to be really good at your craft if you want to make any money online.


You can sign up for something like Flexjobs.com to find telecommuting work online. You can do assignments for employers that might include writing, research or other odd jobs. You can even telecommute as a personal assistant, which is an easy one for anyone with a bit of clerical experience. It’s not a difficult position to secure if you have the skills, and it’s simple. You’ll need internet access for your job, and you’ll need to have a bit of experience in making calls, using the internet and scheduling. You might be asked to book travel, answer emails or do anything in between.

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