30 Businesses You Can Start Without Any Money

30 Businesses you can start with no money

Being able to start a business without any money has come a long way over the last decade. It’s much easier now to start a fresh new business than ever before. There are many options for people who are thinking about taking that leap of faith and being their own boss, mostly due to the evolution of the Internet. In fact, there are tons of businesses that you can start without spending a dime. If you’re thinking about trying something new, now is a great time to do it.

Owning a business should be something you enjoy doing. With all of the advancements in technology, it’s easier to choose a business that you love. There is a variety of different business options to choose from. The best part is, these businesses do not cost any money to start. Find your passion and choose a business idea that is right for you. Here is a list of 30 businesses you can start without money.


Blogging has become increasingly popular over the last decade. Blogs can be about any variety of topics and people grow their business writing about what they love. They talk about what they enjoy doing, creating, and are passionate about. You can start a blog for free on many different platforms, but we recommend WordPress. A free blog may have certain restrictions but there is an option to upgrade at any time using WordPress.org.

Here are the simple steps to take to start your blogging business at no cost…

1) Click here to sign up for a free WordPress account

2) Come up with a site name

3) Select a free WordPress theme (design) to use

4) Start writing!

Once you get a feel for how to use WordPress and what you are writing about, you should then move up to a paid version of WordPress so that you can have your own domain name and run advertising on your website. After all, you’re looking to make money at home, right?

1) Sign up for webhosting on Bluhost. Use this link for $3.95/mo webhosting.

2) Search and register a domain name with a domain registrar such as Go Daddy

3) Use Bluehost’s super easy WordPress installer tool to install WordPress and configure your domain name

4) Get back to blogging and start doing outreach to similar bloggers to see if they will link to you.

5) Create social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to promote your writing and build a following

6) Once you have an audience, click here to register for an account with Ezoic to monetize it. Ezoic will display banner ads on the site and pay you monthly!

In Home Health Care

An in home health care assistant is a person who sits with people in their homes and helps with daily activities. Many of the people who need assisted care are the elderly. You may help with cooking meals, housework, and providing transportation. A non-medical home health care assistant does not cost anything to start.

You can place an ad in the paper and around the community to advertise your new business. It is a great way to be your own boss. If you enjoy helping others, then this would be a good choice to consider. Once you have landed your first job, then you can begin to build your reference and client list. This is a great way to grow and expand your new business.

Dog Walker

A dog walker business is perfect for people who enjoy dogs. You can start this business without any money! Many people have dogs and unfortunately do not have the time to walk them. Daily life can get overwhelming and it can be hard to find time to walk the dog. People will pay you to walk their dogs and take them to get some exercise. You can walk them down the street, to park, or around the block.

If you would like to start a dog walking business, you will want to advertise to find clients. There are several places to advertise for this type of service. You could advertise at the veterinary office, dog parks, pet stores, and in the local paper. Word of mouth is another great way to spread the word about your new dog walking business.

Dog Sitter

A dog sitter is another business that does not have any startup costs. If you like taking care of animals then this would be a good idea for you. A dog sitter is someone who goes to people’s homes and takes care of their dog or pets while they are away. If your home is equipped for other people’s animals then you could offer to sit the dog at your home.

With this type of business, you will be in charge of walking, feeding, watering, the dog while the owner is gone. There may be some other requirements that you will need to attend to depending on the pet owner’s requests. Some places to advertise would be, veterinary offices, parks, pet stores, community bulletin, newspaper, and word of mouth. This would be a nice business to have if you enjoy taking care of dogs or other animals.


A nanny is someone who takes care of people’s children in the child’s home. A nanny business does not cost a thing. If you like taking care of children, then this could be a good job for you. Some clients may have specific requirements that you must have to get hired. Some of the duties of a nanny are preparing meals, cleaning up, playing with the child, taking them to activities, helping with homework, etc.

Parents who do not want to put their child in daycare often hire a nanny as there’s more personalized care. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then you can start your business today. You can advertise your business at daycare centers, schools, doctor offices, newspaper, and online community boards.

Here are some websites that specialize in Nanny jobs…







Uber Driver

An Uber Driver is a self-employed business. You would be your own boss and you choose your hours. If you like driving and meeting new people, then this would be a good business option. To work as an Uber Driver, there are certain specifications that they require.

  • The drive must be 21 years of age
  • At least 12 months of experience driving
  • An in-state driver’s license that is valid
  • An automobile insurance policy in your name and in the same state.
  • Registration and license plate valid and in the same state
  • An Android or IOS phone, tablet, or another mobile device
  • You will be required to take and pass a background and driving check
  • May require a vehicle made in 2000 or newer depending on location
  • A vehicle that seats you and four other passengers
  • The vehicle has not been salvaged or used as another taxi transport service

The Uber Company has other specific requirements that they may require. You can go here to the Uber site and view the complete list of requirements. This business does not cost any money to start and you choose when you work. You make your schedule and make money when you want to. Uber drivers can get paid each week and the fare money is deposited on the spot. If you like driving people around, then this would be a good business to consider starting. The more you drive, the more you make. This is a flexible business and can be worked around other schedules.

Freelance Writer

A Freelance Writer is someone who writes for a variety of different sources. Many writers create different types of content. This type of business lets you choose when you work, where you work, how much you make, and who you work for. As a writer, you do not need a degree, certificate, prior experience, or a portfolio. The type of writer you are depends on the content that you may choose to create. There are several steps to follow to begin your freelance writing business for free.

To build up your portfolio, click here to register for a free account on Hirewriters.com.

Hirewriters has thousands of freelance writing gigs available, and you can sift through the categories you like and also decide whether you want to go for volume doing short lower paying articles, or focus more on higher paying gigs like writing ebooks.

Freelance Editor

A freelance editor is someone who edits written content. This is a great business for someone who has a knack for picking out bad grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. in written content. An editor can find plenty of work in different types of writing job boards and directly with digital publishers. As an editor, you can set your own schedule, choose your own rate, and choose what work you want to do.

Writeraccess.com is one of the higher paying writing/editing job boards. As you build up your rating to six stars, you could be landing $700 editing jobs for 1000+ word articles.

Image/Logo Designer

An image and logo designer is a person who creates content imagery for businesses, websites, and other forms of advertising. A graphic design is able to create and bring life to new ideas and concepts. If you enjoy creating and designing images then this would be a good business for you. You can design imagery by hand or use the software on a computer.

While Adobe’s Photoshop software cost a minimum of $9/month, you can use GIMP (download here) as a free alternative.

This is under the assumption that you have experience as a graphic artist, and probably took some classes on it while in school. However, if you are trying to learn to design, then Youtube can be a great free resource. Just search for photoshop tutorials and you’ll find yourself down the rabbit hole in no time.

As far as finding work, Fiverr.com and Upworks.com are a good way to get your feet wet with paid gigs before pitching businesses for large projects.

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is similar to an in-person assistant. The difference is that a virtual assistant can work from anywhere, including their own home. This type of business is completely free to start and is easy to do. Many VA’s have different types of tasks to they choose to do. Not every client will request the same type of work. It is important to feel comfortable conducting the work that the clients need. The more quality work you do for clients, the quicker you will grow your business. When you start a VA business, you can set your own hours, pay rate, and clients. You are in complete control of the type of work you do each day when you start a Virtual Assistant business.

Social Media Consultant

A Social Media Consultant interacts with social media platforms on behalf of a business. This includes but is not limited to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google Plus, and Reddit. This type of job has become increasingly popular over the last several years as businesses have actually turned to content marketing to raise brand awareness and generate e-commerce sales.

The great thing about this business is that all you need is an Internet connection and some hustle. To help generate some new clients, we recommend building up your own social media profiles and using them as a point of reference for anyone you pitch. Start out small, asking for $100 a month to manage one client’s Facebook page with one post per day, and then upsell them on adding additional social media accounts as you build the business relationship.

Web Developer

This can typically go hand in hand with being a graphic designer, but the difference is that a web developer knows how to code. So how do you learn how to code for free? The Internet of course! Here is a list of free resources that can teach you to code…

Computer Programmer

A Computer Programmer understands the computer language and how to communicate with it. A programmer can help clients fix their computers, backup data, and other PC related issues. A computer program can also write and create software programs. If you are highly knowledgeable in C++ and Java, then you can begin your own business for free. There is no cost to starting a programming company. You can decide how and what type of programming you would prefer to do. Many companies would hire a contract programmer to assist with creating programs, e.g., PLM system.


A tutor is in high demand and can be done virtually or in person. If you enjoy helping others with academic work, then this would be a good business for you to choose. A tutor can specialize in one field of study or be excelled in a variety of fields. You would be helping students with homework problems and other educational questions. You can work as a contract employee for other tutoring companies or find clients on your own. Check out Varsity Tutors and VipKid for tutoring gigs.

Musical Instrument Teacher

Do you have years of experience whaling on your drums, or tickling the ivories of your piano? Then why not put it to use and teach others to do the same. Assuming you already have this skill set mastered, all you need to start this business is your first student. You can give lessons to either a group of people or do it on a one on one basis. You would be able to set your own hours, pay rate, and choose who you teach.

House Sitter

A House Sitter is someone who takes care of and watches other peoples’ homes. People who go out of town or on vacation may need someone to house sit for them. Clients may want you to stop in each day and check on their house, collect the mail, water the flowers, and walk the dog. Other clients may decide they would prefer you to stay in the home while they are out of town.

Home Organizer

A home organizer is someone who goes to peoples homes and organizes their house. A client may need a basement, bedroom, attic, garage, or an entire home organized. You would be cleaning, sorting, and rearranging items for a more productive organizational layout. You goal is to make the client’s life easier and don’t be surprised if your clients are neat freaks that just need better organization because they can never find where they put things away.


A concierge is someone who finds things for people and will help with making reservations or recommendations for a variety of services and restaurants. This could be anything from the latest hot toy for your child, concert and sporting event tickets, and reservations at restaurants where there is no availability. The key to being a successful concierge is to build relationships on both sides. So if you are someone that has worked in the hotel or restaurant industry, you might already have the connections needed to start servicing clients. You can also layer in things like being a personal shopper.


Do you enjoy working with dirt and plants? Then this is the business for you! You’ll spend plenty of time planting and tending to flowers, fruits and vegetables. To avoid start up costs, simply have your client provide the tools, plants and seeds and you’ll provide the labor and insight as to where to plant everything.


As a landscaper, you’ll be cutting grass, trimming shrubs, planting flowers, replacing grass, building retaining walls and creating flowerbeds. A landscaping business and tree services may involve other areas of expertise to transform a yard that needs a makeover. It does not cost any money to start a garden landscape design business as you can start by providing labor only and discounting your rate.


A Tester and reviewer is someone who tries out products and services for companies. Once you try out the product, you can the write a review of the item you tested. Many companies and startups hire reviewers and testers to help expand their products. A reviewer offers the benefits and usages of the product and helps consumers decide if it is an item they want to buy. Some of the companies will give you a product for free to try in exchange for your review. You can choose the rate of pay you charge depending on the length of review that the client is wanting.

Secretarial Assistant

A Secretarial Assistant is a person who offers their secretarial skills and services to businesses and entrepreneurs. A company or business hires secretarial assistants to help organize their business and keep it running smoothly. When you choose to start a secretarial assistant business, make sure that you a proficient as using Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint, as well as Google Docs and Google calendar.

Some of the job duties of a Secretarial Assistant are:

Answering the phone

Taking messages

Answering and sending emails

Organizing Calendars

Booking meetings or reservations

Creating presentations

Confirming appts, meetings, and schedules

A secretarial assistant helps keep a business running smoothly. A person who chooses this type of business will have good communication skills, organization skills, and quality time management skills. If this is something you would enjoy doing, then a secretarial assistant business may be a right fit for you.


A matchmaker helps people find dates usually with the end goal of finding the right person to marry. If you are very social, have a large network of friends, or have match up people in the past, this is a good business for you. There’s virtually no overhead other than your time, and you can operate this business from anywhere in the World.

Online Security Consultant

An online security consultant is a person who helps a business stay safe from security threats. This type of business is knowledgeable in security threats and security monitoring. The consultant can conduct business with companies who may need assistance in updating their security or don’t have any security in place at all. This could be as simple as getting anti-virus software installed on all their computers, to educating them, to installing a more intricate security protocol such as how data backups are generated and where they are stored.

Tax Preparer

A tax preparer is someone who helps businesses and individuals with their tax needs. If you have the experience and the skills to confidently prepare tax documentation for businesses, then this would be a good business to consider. There is no startup fee to begin offering your tax services to businesses. Many startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses will hire someone who can focus on the taxes while the owners focus on their business. Many business owners do not have the time or the knowledge to handle their taxes. It is easier to hire someone who has the experience to keep the taxes updated for them.

The only hitch to this business, is that per the IRS guidelines, you must meet certain requirements to prepare taxes on behalf of others.


If you speak more than one language, you can offer your services as a translator. There are a variety of different needs for this type of service, from the state and federal court system, to tourists traveling abroad that are looking for someone to give them a guided tour in their native tongue.

Meal Prep Cook

A meal prep cook prepares meals for individuals or entire family, typically once or twice a week in their home. You’ll typically do the grocery shopping yourself, and in some instances you might do all the food preparation in a commissary before then delivering the meals. This service often caters to the wealthy that cannot be bothered to cook, or are trying to lose some weight.

Some of the duties of a Food Planner are:

  • Creating recipes that are easy to follow with step by step instructions
  • Making a list of meals and the ingredients that are needed to prepare it
  • Provide clients with knowledge about the meals that you are planning
  • Explain to clients about healthy meals and nutrition
  • Help clients save money with your healthy food plans
  • Teach the clients how to be creative in the kitchen
  • Educate clients on how to shop healthy while saving money

Travel Planner

A travel planner is someone who can plan a trip or vacation on behalf of other people. This type of business includes finding bargain deals when booking flights, hotels, and rental cars. The planner may need to create an itinerary for travelers to follow while they are on vacation. Many people enjoy traveling for business or recreation but do not have time to make the arrangements and to sift through all the options on the internet.

Event Planner

An event planner is someone who can put together and create events for clients. If you’ve ever planned a party before, even if it was just for immediate family, you know how much work it can be. Now imagine planning something for 50+ people! That’s why event planners are in demand.

There are plenty of established event planners out there, but you should start small by undercutting their prices. As you build up the business and get referrals, you can start increasing your prices. As you build relationships with your vendors, you can also fatten your profit margin by getting them to lower their prices, but not passing that discount along to your clients.

Sell Stuff On Decluttr

Download the app Decluttr, and you can sell your stuff to them and shipping is free. You can also start a home “clean out” business where people pay you to haul away their junk, and along with what they pay you, you can sell any DVDs, CDs, games, books, tablets, Apple products, or Legos they get rid of to Decluttr. If this interests you, read our ultimate guide to Decluttr here. And if you have posters you want to sell or transport properly, you might want to use cardboard shipping tubes for safe keeping and security.

30 businesses you can start with no money


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