Three Reasons You Need Girlfriends In Your Life

Girlfriends are important for a woman to have.  As much as you love your family and your husband, there are just things they cannot be for you which is you need girlfriends.  There are many reasons why you need girlfriends but let’s go over three specific reasons.

You need someone to talk to about the things going on in your life that other people can’t relate to.  Girlfriends likely have those things in common with you.  We often become friends with people because we have things in common with them.  Maybe you are all mothers or you work in a similar field of work.  You are likely interested in the same things such as shopping or new makeup trends.  You can likely pass hours just chatting and enjoying each other’s company.

You need girlfriends to have fun with, too.  Girlfriends are the best people to laugh with.  They get you like no one else does.  Going out with girlfriends always guarantees an evening of fun and laughter and is something that women need to make sure that they take time to do on a regular basis.

Most importantly, you need girlfriends for those times when it really counts; times when you are going through a crisis in your life and it seems no one else understands.  As much as you love your husband, there are sometimes he just won’t do.  Husbands tend to listen to your problem, figure out a solution for you and be ready to move on.  Husbands don’t want to talk about a situation for hours on end until you have worked your way through it but a girlfriend will.  She will not only listen but understand and cry with you.  There is no replacement for a good girlfriend. You can count on her when you can’t count on anyone else.


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