You Have to Make Yourself Happy First

My husband always jokes that a happy wife is a happy life. He’s not all that wrong, however. When I’m happy with me, my happiness rubs off on other aspects of my life. Basically, when my husband says that, he’s right. However, that is a rule that apply to just me, it applies to everyone in our household. We don’t think it’s selfish to consider your own feelings first, because if we aren’t happy with ourselves, we won’t be happy with others. I know that I cannot be the best mom and wife if I’m not happy with me first, and sometimes, that requires being a little selfish. These actions always make me happy, and that happiness touches every part of my life.

Embracing Challenges

I’m a mom and a wife. I have two little girls, a house to take care of, a husband to take care of, and a career that I have to manage from home, which is not the easiest task to undertake. I have to embrace life’s challenges. It makes me happy to challenge myself because I know that I’m trying when I’m challenged. If I’m not challenged, I’m not happy. Sometimes I deliberately take on too much because I feel that it makes me work harder and happier.

Limiting Negativity

I love the people in my life, but there are a few that are a little negative. It may be selfish of me, but I try to limit my time with those people to the bare minimum. I cannot stand being surrounded by negativity, so I limit the time I spend with those people, because not spending time with them makes me much happier.

Taking Care of Yourself

Your body is the only one you get, so you better take care of it. That second donut might be delicious, but diabetes, obesity, and heart disease are not so good. Take care of yourself first and foremost so that you have the energy and ability to take care of those around you.


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