You Control Your Own Happiness

You may have heard at some point that the only person in control of your happiness is you. This is not a cute saying or fun quote; this is the absolute truth. So many men and women go looking for another person to “complete” them or to make them happy, but no one can make you happy if you aren’t already happy with yourself. Whether you are in a relationship that you think it failing or you are looking for love in what seems like all the wrong places, you might need to slow down and consider that you are the problem. You must make yourself happy before you can be happy with someone else.

Buy More Experiences and Less Material Goods

If you really want to be happy and you don’t have the budget to do everything you want and buy everything you want, forget the material goods and go for the experience. Skip the Manolos and book a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to go instead. More people state that their good memories and great experiences make them far happier than their material goods.

Make Sure You Have all the Ingredients

Just like your favorite recipe, there are happiness ingredients. You must have three things in your life if you want to be truly happy: Pleasure, meaning, and engagement. You must have things in your life that bring you pleasure, whether it is travel, your friends, your relationships, your hobbies, or your favorite book. You must also have meaning, such as your beliefs and your goals. Finally, you must have engagement, which is your friends and family and social life.

Know That Money Does Not Buy Happiness

Money is important if you want to live, but it’s not going to buy your happiness. A new study shows that people who make at least $75,000 per year do not experience a shift in happiness levels once they make more money. Remember that money is nice, but it isn’t everything.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

Think about it; you are happier than ever when you are with the people you love the most. Spend as much time as you can with them and you’ll find yourself much happier.

Now you know how to be happy whether you are in a relationship or not. If you can be happy by focusing on these things, you can be happy anywhere and with anyone.


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