You Can Strike Up a Conversation With Anyone

Everyone has that one friend who is perpetually late. Even if you tell her that you’re meeting for drinks at 6 and you’re really meeting at 6:30, she’s still late. You love her, even though you hate her lack of ability to care about time. The next time you know you’ll be sitting at the bar by yourself for more than a few minutes, try striking up a conversation with a complete stranger. You never know who you’re going to meet (your future husband or a network connection with someone who can help you land your dream gig).

Cute Guys

If you’re a little wary talking to a random guy in a bar try asking him something relatively innocuous such as where you and your ever so late friend can go to grab a post-cocktail hour meal. If he seems like someone you’d like to get to know a little better, invite him and his friends out for dinner with you. Otherwise, thank him for the tip and pull your e-reader out of your bag.

Another Woman

Women are less likely to want to start a conversation with a complete stranger, which is why you have to know where to take the conversation. If the woman sitting next to you is an obvious fashionista ask her where she got her amazing shoes. She’ll feel immediately connected to you and you can strike up a fashion conversation that will kill time while you wait for your friend. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to find some shoes like hers for a great deal, or even make a new friend.


These guys – and girls – have heard it all. Instead of laying out your sob story on them, ask them if they have a signature cocktail that isn’t on the menu. Most bartenders do, which means you’ll get to try something seriously fabulous and have something to talk about.


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