You Can Choose Happiness and Here’s How

Just like exercise can make you feel good about your body and improve your physical health, you can improve your happiness as well. You can make yourself feel better by seeing the best in everyone. By choosing to make conscious decisions to see the best in everyone, you can make yourself a better, happier person. There is a trick to doing this. Before you laugh and shrug it off as unimportant or silly, give it a try – because it really, really works.

Every single day for one month, sit down for 10 minutes of completely uninterrupted time. Do not let anyone bother you. Turn off the phone. Turn off the television, and turn off life. Don’t answer the door, don’t talk to your animals, and tell your husband to leave you alone and make the kids leave you alone for 10 solid minutes, no questions asked.

Now, sit down and get in the meditation position. This means sitting on your but with your legs folded Indian style in front of you. Place your hands approximately one inch apart in front of your heart and look between them. Now, imagine someone you love standing in the space between your hands. Spend the next 10 minutes doing nothing but imagining them there, at their absolute best. Maybe you’re imagining your husband. Think about him for 10 minutes in your hands, when he’s at his most wonderful. Perhaps it’s with the kids, or riding his bike. Maybe it’s on the beach throwing the Frisbee with the dog.

Whatever it is, picture it and don’t stop. Eventually, you will notice your mood toward him change drastically. You will begin to always see him at his best, even when you are not sitting in your quiet place picturing him at his best. When you start treating him better, he’ll start treating you better. Do this for everyone you know over the course of the next year, and watch as your entire outlook on life, and the way people treat you, changes for the best.


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