Work On Your Marriage with Three Easy Tips

Everyone who is married knows that marriage requires a lot of work, even when it doesn’t feel like work. It might take a lot of work to keep your mouth shut when your husband takes the wrong turn (again) despite the fact that you warned him it was the wrong turn at least three times. You may want to remind him of your superior genius, and it takes a lot of work not to. Marriage advice is everywhere from the internet to books to your mom to the lady at the store who has been married 70 years. However, there are three pieces of marriage advice that everyone should follow.

Be Adventurous

Nothing will make you as rich as travel. This is certainly a true statement if ever there were a true statement. You will learn so much traveling and when you make the point to travel together, you will learn even more than you could ever imagine. You will make memories, feel closer together and you will get to share an experience that no one in the world understands but the two of you. It gives you a chance to learn something new, to reconnect and to really enjoy life.

Compliment One Another

Here’s the trick; do this in front of other people. Instead of bashing one another to your friends and family about his dirty underwear on the floor or your bad shoe shopping habit, say wonderful things to your friends and family about one another. It’s a great way to feel closer and happier.

Fight Fair

Don’t call names. Don’t be mean and don’t say things you might regret later. This might mean coming up with something that allows you to take a break without making your partner think you’re walking away from him, such as telling him you need 10 to calm down. Just fight fair.


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