15 Ways You Can Be A Wife He Brags To Everyone About


Marriage is a complicated relationship, to say the least.  But there are things you can do to make it much more successful.  One way you can do that is to be a wife that your husband brags to others about.  When he is bragging about you, you can be confident that he is happy and content being married to you.  Being a wife he brags about sounds easy enough but exactly what is it that you can do to be sure he is bragging about you?  There are lots of things that you can do but here are some of the things that will mean the most to him.

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1. Watch Football With Him

One way to be a wife he brags about is to spend time with him, doing things that he likes to do.  It isn’t so much what you do but the fact that you care enough to do it with him.  Whether it is watching football with him, watching him play softball or any other number of activities, the fact that you care enough to spend time with him says a lot to him about what kind of wife you are.  He enjoys times when you do activities together without deep conversations, just focusing on enjoying each other’s companionship.

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2. Love His Mom

You do not want conflict with your mother-in-law.  First and foremost, it will cause strain on your marriage and no good can come of it.  Secondly, most men have a  soft spot for their mom so when you attack her, they can feel like you are attacking them and become defensive.  Don’t make him choose between the two of you because tensions arise.  Become her friend now and your marriage will be better because of it.  When a husband knows that his wife and mom have a good relationship, he is grateful and will brag about that.

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3. Cook For Him

Most men appreciate a home cooked meal at the end of the day.  The like to feel like their wife cares about them enough to make some effort to cook something they can enjoy.  Maybe you are not the cook of the family.  Even so, that doesn’t mean that he won’t enjoy you cooking for him every now and then.  If you don’t feel confident in your cooking skills, buy a good cookbook or ask someone who is a good cook for help.  You can trust he will be bragging about his wife to all of his buddies after a good home cooked meal.

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4. Accept Him The Way He Is

Trying to change your husband after marriage isn’t fair.  After all, you wouldn’t like it if he tried to make you change who you are, would you?  You fell in love with him the way he is; don’t try to change him.  This doesn’t mean that if he does something hurtful that you shouldn’t point that out or try to work through it as a couple.  But trying to change the person he is and his likes and dislikes is not kind.  When you accept him just the way he is, he will be so grateful for that fact that he will be bragging about his wife to everyone.

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5. Doll Up

Many women make the mistake of giving up on keeping up their appearance after they get married.  This is not a wise move.  You want your man to know that you still care about how you look and that you want to look your best for him.  He still wants to know that you care enough to dress up for him.  This doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours in front of a mirror everyday.  But try to find a makeup routine that you can do daily without spending hours in front of the mirror.  Find a hairstyle that looks good on you that is easy to maintain.

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6. Smile

The best thing you can wear for your husband is your smile.  Your smile tells him he is doing a good job.  He loves your happiness and it is very important to him.  Of course, you don’t want to feel like you must always smile but be sure to give him a flirtatious smile every once in a while.  Sharing your happiness with him makes him feel confident as a husband.  You don’t want to be a wife that nags or is always hateful.  That kind of wife makes her husband want to avoid home.  Share your problems when you have them but in a loving way.

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7. Be Kind To Others

Your husband appreciates when you are kind to others.  It tells him what kind of woman you really are.  You will find that when you are kind to others, he will be really proud of you and will brag about what a great wife he has to all of his family and friends.  You don’t want to fake being kind, though, you really want to be kind.  There is a big difference.  Make you want to be a volunteer on a community project or check in on an elderly neighbor.  Whatever you truly care about will be the best area for you to work on your kindness quotient.

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8. Keep A Clean House

Does this sound a little 1950s?  Yes.  Does it work?  Yes.  No man wants to come home to a messy home.  This does not mean that you must become Martha Stewart.  Just try to keep a tidy house and be a tidy person and you will find that you are a wife that he brags about often.  What if you both work?  Then work out a system where you both pitch in to keep the house clean.  Just be sure that you keep up your end of the chore chart and you will find that your husband is happy.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to learn to pick up as you go through your day.

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9. Ask For Help When You Need It

Let’s face it.  We all have problems that we don’t know how to solve.  Your husband wants you to ask his advice when you hit a wall.  This doesn’t mean that you aren’t a strong, independent woman.  It means that you have a close relationship with your husband and you feel safe in talking over situations in your life with him.  It means that your marriage is strong enough that you can go to him for help.  He wants to advise you and help you when you find yourself confused over a problem.  If he comes up with a helpful solution, you can trust he will be bragging how he helped his wife and how she took his advice to everyone.

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10. Let Him Be Your Hero

Yes, you are tough and strong.  But why use that toughness to fight battles if you don’t have to?  Some of your battles are yours to fight such as a difficult coworker or a underhanded mom in your child’s playgroup.  But other battles, such as with repairmen or in laws are ones that are battles you both are involved in.  Let him handle them.  Let him figure out the best way to deal with those difficult situations.  Even if it might not be the way that you would handle it, if it is handled, what does it matter? He feels like your hero when you go to him and you can trust he will be bragging about his wife when you do.

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11. Praise Him

Everyone likes praise, don’t they?  After all, you want to know how to be a wife that he will brag about.  Tell him what you admire about him in every way: physically, intellectually, in his job, as a father and husband.  You will increase his confidence when you praise him.  You will also make him realize what a treasure he has in having you for his wife, which is always a good thing.  If you want to go a step farther, don’t praise him only when you are alone with him but in front of others.  Brag about him to your friends and he will brag about his wife to his.

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12. Buy The Gifts He Likes

Buy him the gifts he likes to be a wife he brags about.  Yes, I know.  You want him to have that nice pair of designer jeans or new suit you think would look so sharp on him.  But ask yourself if that is what he really wants.  Would he rather have clothes or the new set of golf clubs or the electronic gadget you know he has been eyeing?  You will feel a lot better, too, when you know that he is pleased with the gift you got him.  After all, the gift is meant to be something that the person receiving it wants.

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13. Accept His Friends

A wife that nags at her husband over his buddies is not a wife that will be bragged about.  Unless they are the kinds of friends that are a bad influence for your husband to be around, do your best to accept them.  Make them welcome in your home.  Be friendly to them when you see them.  Be willing to get together with their wives and families for cookouts or other occasions.  Accepting his friends will greatly endear you to his heart.  Try to treat his friends with the same respect that you want him to treat yours.

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14. Give Him Time To Unwind From Work

Most men like to have some time to unwind when they get home from work rather than having to discuss the leaking sink and the fact that the kids brought home bad grades.  If you both work, it can be frustrating when he wants to take time to unwind when he gets home when you feel like you have to hit the ground running.  If this is the situation, maybe you can work out a compromise where he gets some time to unwind when he gets home but then takes over some of the chores later on in the evening so you get your turn.

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15. Honor His Wishes

If you will honor his wishes in how he wants things done, you can trust he will be bragging about his wife forever.  Many areas of expertise are up to you to make a decision on how you want things done.  But in areas that he handles such as how often he cuts the grass or how often he wants you to take the car to be serviced, it is best to honor his wishes there.  You are in control in your areas that are under your supervision; let him have the same courtesy with areas that are under his supervision.

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