Why He Hasn’t Proposed

I won’t lie; I’m always fascinated by women who want to get married and the men that don’t ask them. I don’t quite understand how a couple can date and commit to one another for years and years, yet not make the decision to marry. Then again, my husband proposed to me after a little more than a year of dating and that was 10 years ago. I’ve always been of the opinion that if you want to be with someone the rest of your life, you know it right away and you commit. However, not all people feel the same way. Ladies, if you want to know why your man won’t propose, an article in Essence Magazine might give you some clues.

Why Bother When You Practically Already Are

If you have a house together, share the bills, go on vacation, spend time with both families, or even have kids, most people already assume you are married and he figures there’s no point in actually getting married. Maybe he doesn’t want to spend money on a party like that or maybe he doesn’t see a reason to change what’s already working, but that could be exactly why you do not have a ring on your finger.

He Doesn’t Want to Marry You – Or Anyone

Ladies, when a man tells you he’s not interested in getting married it only means one thing: He’s not interested in getting married. You can try all you want to change his mind, but it’s not always possible.

He Sees You as a Liability

Men actually do think from time to time, but you might not like what they have to say. Some men will only propose if he thinks that marrying you will benefit him in some way versus just dating you for the rest of his life. Do you have a huge financial debt? Kids that don’t belong to him or too much drama with your ex are things that he may not want to officially take on. This isn’t to say all men feel the same way, but some simply don’t want your problems to be an unavoidable part of his life (again, not saying your kids are problems, but some men feel that way. It’s unfortunate, but true).


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