Why Failure Isn’t So Bad

It’s probably safe to say that failure isn’t exactly a word you love to hear. If we’re honest, we’d all say we wish failure wasn’t something we’ve ever experienced. However, once you take the time to look at what failure really is, it doesn’t seem so bad. Failing is something I used to fear, but once I did it, oh four or five dozen times, I realized that I learned more from that than from any of my successes, which has, ironically, helped me to become more successful.

Failure isn’t fun, but it isn’t the worst thing to ever happen to you. Reminding yourself that failure is one step in the direction of success is easy to say, but it isn’t as easy to do. These things are all good examples of when failure turns into success.

Failing Your Kids

Your son has a big science project due at school and you are so excited to see what he comes up with. He works for ages on his project, and even though you think you could have made it better if you’d just helped him, you are so proud of him for doing it himself. Fast forward to walking into his classroom with his science project; suddenly he is embarrassed to realize that all the other parents helped their kids make their projects and they look practically professional, ruining his chances of winning the top prize.

He’s embarrassed and angry with you, and you feel like a failure. Fast forward 10 years to when those other kids are living at home with mom and dad because they never learned to do anything for themselves while you enjoy your empty nest because your son is successfully making his way through life on his own.

Failing at Your Dreams

Starting your own store didn’t work out too well for you, and now your dreams are dashed. Maybe; maybe not. Instead of focusing on your failure, think about what you learned from trying to open your own store. Perhaps you learned that you didn’t advertise it enough or that you didn’t have the customer base you wanted. Try again. This time start an online store and grow it from that point. Even the biggest success stories sometimes have small beginnings.


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