Why Being a Single Lady in Your 20s Is Not Bad

Once upon a time it was considered in poor taste to be a single lady in your twenties – especially your mid-to-late twenties. Fortunately, that time has long since passed. While there might have been times in which women in their 20s were married almost 10 years and had kids that age to prove it, that isn’t necessarily the case right now. More women than ever are putting off saying their vows and these three reasons will help you realize that being a single lady in your twenties isn’t so bad.

You Time

Who doesn’t love a little time to yourself? When you decide that time as a single lady is more important than a relationship at this point in your life, you are giving yourself the gift of getting some great time with you. You can do whatever you want. You can travel, read, stay up late,  go to bed early, never wear makeup or cute clothes around the house; whatever. You don’t have to worry about anyone else’s schedule or conflicts or whatever.

Career Focus

When you get married and have a family, you don’t necessarily forget about your career. However, you start to feel that you should come home on time and enjoy dinner with the family. There are so many things that go with being part of a family that don’t allow you to focus on your career. Oftentimes, you might feel as if you have to choose one over the other. Being a single lady in your twenties gives you room to advance your career now so that you can focus on your family later.

It’s Good for Your Confidence

Being single is actually good for your confidence. It helps you realize that you are a strong woman who can take care of yourself. It gives you the confidence to do things that not everyone is comfortable doing, such as dining alone and traveling by yourself. It’s not so bad.


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