Dealing With The Question Of Where To Spend The Holidays

Deciding where to spend the holidays can cause a tug of war between you and your spouse if you aren’t careful.  It is understandable that you both want to be with your families but sometimes that just isn’t possible because of distance or other constraints such as time.

So how can you decide where to spend the holidays?  There are several factors that can help you decide.  If there is a holiday that is more important to one family than the other, that can offer you some guidance.  Maybe you can spend Christmas with one family and New Years with the other.

Another point to consider; financially, can you afford to travel for the holidays?  You may find that it is more economical to stay home and have both families come to you.  Sure, it could be a little National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation like but you would not have to argue over where to spend the holidays.

Many couples choose to alternate years between their families when it comes to where to spend the holidays.  Alternating can be a really good solution.  It allows both families equal time with you and there doesn’t have to be any discussion over where to spend the holidays.  It is set and your pattern is laid out.  All you have to do is follow it.

The holidays can cause a lot of stress on a couple in general.  Try to purpose not to go through them with strife between you.  Nobody wins when that happens.  You can make this a nonissue if you want.  There are other ways to decide even if it might involve flipping a coin to do so.

For more help on deciding where to spend the holidays, this article on the subject by Huffington Post can give you even more helpful information.


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