End The Where Do You Want To Eat Discussion Once And For All

“Where do you want to eat?” is a question that opens up many a discussion between husbands and wives across the world.  It may be the question that elicits the most heated responses of all married couple discussions.  Oh, they don’t start out that way.  One of them asks “Where do you want to eat?” and when the other one won’t make a decision, sparks slowly but surely begin to fly until a heated discussion is underway and an argument is in the wings.  This either ends with the couple eating out with a tenseness between them or if things go very poorly, going home without any meal, which makes no one happy.

There is a way to end the “Where do you want to eat?” discussion.  My husband and I found a solution to this long ago, when we were newlyweds.  Generally, it is my husband that asks this question and I then answer with three to four possible choices in restaurants that I would like to eat at.  I try to choose restaurants that represent different types of food.  For example, I might choose an Italian restaurant, a Mexican restaurant and a steak house.   My husband will usually tell me that there is one that doesn’t appeal to him at that point.  From there, I will usually ask him which of the remaining choices sound better to him.  If I will cut the choices down to three or four then he will make a choice from there.  You see we have an agreement that one will narrow it down and the other will choose from those choices.

You don’t have to have a disagreement over the question “Where do you want to eat?”  Make an agreement that one of you will choose three or four choices and the other will pick from that.  Easy as pie.  Which sounds good, by the way.


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