When You Don’t Like Your Friend’s New Friend

Friendship is a wonderful thing, but it can be a painful, annoying and sometimes difficult to navigate relationship. You spend years doing everything with your best friend. You know one another’s friends and you enjoy spending time alone together and you enjoy spending time as a group. So what are you to do when your best friend makes a new friend and you just don’t click with this person? She’s not the kind of person you consider worthwhile, even though you’ve given her several chances to prove to you she’s not as horrible as your first impression told you she was? Well, you have a few options.

Ignore Her

If you have to spend time with her, say at a social gathering of some sort, just be polite and distant. You don’t have to be her new BFF. In fact, you can have fun with all the other people you know at this social gathering and simply ignore the fact she is there. Don’t be impolite, but don’t go out of your way to befriend her if you really don’t care for her.

Don’t Invite Her Places

Just because she is friends with your friend doesn’t mean you have to invite her to things you are planning. For example, she doesn’t need an invitation to your birthday party or your kid’s birthday party or any other gathering you are planning. Your best friend might want you to become a tight-knit group, but if you’re not feeling it, she’s going to have to accept that.

Don’t Say Anything Negative

Your friend is not an idiot. She will eventually get the hint; you aren’t down with her friend. How she chooses to react to that is something you will have to handle. If she feels that you’re not being fair, then perhaps she’s no longer vested in your relationship. However, if she’s a true friend, she will understand that sometimes people simply do not click and she will respect your feelings. Do not say anything negative about her friend; it puts her in a weird and uncomfortable position.


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