The Way To Deal When You Know Someone Doesn’t Like You

Everybody has somebody that doesn’t like them.  My Mom once told me that you can’t be friends with the whole world and she is right.  We are all going to run on to someone who, for one reason or another, doesn’t get how great we are.  It could be a personality clash, the fact that you are too much alike or total opposites or a number of different reasons.  Don’t let yourself get hung up on why a certain individual doesn’t like you.  Focus more on making peace with it and moving on.  If the person who doesn’t like you isn’t in your close circle, this is much easier but you can still apply these tips if they are.

One way to deal with someone who doesn’t like you is to keep your distance.  Accept that they don’t care too much for you and stop trying to make them like you.  If they have made their mind up about you, you are wasting time and energy.  Be polite when you meet this person but keep as much distance as you can from them.

Shift your focus to those who do love you.  Your life is bound to be full of loving, kind people who see you for the valuable person that you are.  Spend your energy enriching those relationships instead of on someone who has an issue with you.

Realize it is their issue.  If you want to be friends or have a better relationship and they are not open to that, realize it is not you, it is them.  Accept that they have a problem and have the attitude of hoping they get that worked out but you are not going to stop your life because of it.

Don’t show them that their dislike bothers you.  If you are dealing with a very unkind person, this could give them satisfaction and make things worse.

There is a great article over at Phycology Today on this subject.


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