When Friends Ditch You For a Guy

Even as you age you might realize that friends are difficult from time to time. You might have expected your best friend to ditch you for her new boyfriend when you were 16 but you certainly don’t expect the same behavior of her at this age. However, it’s a pretty common occurrence and as much as we want to get mad at our girlfriends, it’s important to put ourselves in their shoes and see how they feel. She’s found this amazing (God willing) new guy she wants to spend every second with and you have to respect that. However, she has to put herself in your shoes and remember what it feels like to be the third wheel. Here’s what to do when you find yourself in this situation.

Stay Calm

Getting worked up and overreacting in a situation like this is only going to make things worse. When you’re feeling particularly mad at your bestie, ignore her calls and texts until you have time to calm down and rationalize. Speaking to her when you’re angry is not a good idea.

Talk to Her

Don’t let it go, but don’t bad mouth your friend’s new man either. Let her know that you’re disappointed that she’s ignoring you for this guy and tell her that you miss her. Tell her you understand and respect how she feels but that you wish she’d make it an effort to spend more time with you. Simply hearing that you’re hurt might make her realize the error of her ways.

Give Him a Chance

You might be tempted to hate this guy from the start (he did steal your bestie, after all) but give him a fair chance. He may be the greatest guy on earth (or even the guy she’ll marry) and you don’t want to start your relationship with him on the wrong foot. Of course, he might be a giant you-know-what, in which case you can hate on him (privately) all you want.


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